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Cheapflights rolls out new website design and back-end technology in USA

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Cheapflights Ltd. ("Cheapflights"), a leading UK and North American internet media travel company providing flight price search and comparison and travel-related ancillary services, announces the relaunch of its US site

The US relaunch marks an important stage in Cheapflights’ history.  The Company launched in the UK in 1996 and in the USA in May 2003.  The Company has always striven  to innovate and provide cutting-edge service both to its users and to its travel advertising partners and the relaunch is the fruit of heavy investment in back-end technology and redesign work.  The new site will provide unprecedented access to flight deals and to travel-related proprietary information to enable consumers to research and plan their travel. 

  • Enhanced location-based search function gives travelers more ways to find excellent deals
  • Gives advertisers new, more profitable ways to target consumers
  • Changes improve scalability facilitating easy international expansion
  • An expanded content library covers everything from airport security information and currency exchange rates
  • Tips on the best times to visit more than 500 highlighted destinations worldwide. This proprietary material is written firsthand by Cheapflights’ own in-house editorial staff.

Commenting, Group Managing Director Chris Cuddy said:  “The US relaunch is the culmination of months of stress-testing in the US.   The diversity of US departure points plus national and international destinations makes the US an ideal stress-testing ground for the new back-end.  The revamped site will deliver new functionality, rapid ease of access to our advertisers' deals and tremendous additional proprietary content to assist with travel planning.  We plan to also relaunch the UK site utilising the new technology later in the year.”

Hugo Burge, Vice-Chairman and Head of International added: “I would like to congratulate our technology team on delivering such powerful bespoke technology.  Not only will this deliver a fantastic user experience, it will also provide a common technology platform for the Company to pursue its strategy of further international expansion.”

Chris Martin, Cheapflights’ Director of Technology continued:  “My brief on joining Cheapflights just over a year ago was to achieve a total revamp of the back-end.  This has now been achieved by our in-house IT management and engineers along with input from our sales and marketing teams.   I am delighted that we have now delivered an excellent improved user experience which will benefit both our advertisers and our users.” 

Notes to Editors

CheapflightsLtd.: was launched in 1996.  It pioneered the concept of online flight price search and comparison and has been consistently profitable since launch. It was the first UK dotcom to introduce pay-per-click in 2000, which helped to transform online advertising.  Cheapflights publishes flight deals from airlines, budget airlines, online travel agents and the long tail of other specialist flight deal providers. Cheapflights therefore provides consumers with rapid, easy-to-use comparisons of about one million flight deals daily from the broadest online selection of travel operators. The site is valued by travel industry advertisers as a neutral, high-traffic source of quality high-conversion consumer leads.  It launched its US site in May 2003, which has grown rapidly and which now provides half of Cheapflights’  millions of monthly visits by consumers.  Its Canadian site,  which was soft launched in April 2007, is already enjoying traffic of more than 180,000 monthly visits.  Cheapflights’ status as an independent online travel price search and comparison and travel news site makes it a natural starting point for finding travel deals and up-to-date travel industry information on both sides of the Atlantic.