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The British overseas territory of Gibraltar lies at the very southern tip of Spain and is the link between Europe and northern Africa.

Less than 7 square kilometres in size, you can get around Gibraltar mostly on foot, although the highest parts can be quite steep. The top of “The Rock” can be accessed by cable car, and will reward you with stunning views across the Strait of Gibraltar to Morocco, as well as views back towards Spain. Due to its military past, The Rock contains an intricate system of tunnels that stretches over 30 miles, allowing people to walk from one end to the other, or even top to bottom. This limestone cave network marvel, with its collection of cannons pointing out of carved outlooks and other military relics and displays, is alone worth getting flights to Gibraltar for. The most important cave in The Rock is St Michael’s Cave, which has been dated back to the Neolithic period and contains ancient wondrous stalactites and stalagmites.

Gibraltar is famously covered in barbary macaque monkeys that roam around, with the dominant ones living at the very peak of the area. Although they are cute to watch scamper around, make sure you don’t feed them as it’s illegal. Offshore, you can go dolphin watching in the bay.

Brits love getting cheap flights to Gibraltar because not only does it feel very typically British, with traditional pubs, red letterboxes and famous UK branded shops in areas like Casemate Square, but best of all these familiar treats have tax-free prices.

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