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Book a flight to Ibiza and find all year round , with sunshine throughout the summer and warm temperatures. Rainfall in the summer months is almost non-existent, but showers are likely between October and April, months when you will find cheap flights to Ibiza.

City guide

Book a flight to Ibiza now and join millions of clubbers and young holidaymakers. The original destination for those wanting to party, Ibiza has become famous for the clubs centred around San Antonio, the all-night parties and the many music scenes it has helped to create. First “discovered” by Brits in the 1980s, it now welcomes millions of international tourists every year, ready to party and have a good time. 

Its prominence in the international clubbing scene means that, alongside world-famous clubs, there is also a range of world-famous restaurants and the food here far exceeds traditional holiday expectations. Along with the cheaper hotels to be found in town, those with a bit more cash to splash stay in villas in the hills, aping the lifestyles of some of the more popular DJs and celebrity guests. 

With all the focus on nightlife it can be easy to forget that the reason holidaymakers first started booking flights to Ibiza was for the amazing weather and beaches on offer. Away from the main resorts, the island is also popular with families, who stay on quieter beaches and enjoy the sunshine and beautiful sea.

Ibiza insider information

  • San Antonio is the heart of the nightlife. Some of the most famous clubs and bars here are Café del Mar (situated on the “sunset strip” where clubbers come to dance and drink on terraces as the sun goes down), Café Mambo, Hush, Kristals, Plastick, Manumission and Space. Read about the number one club in Ibiza in our Top Five Clubs travel tip. 
  • To spend some time away from the island, and on the salty waters, take a boat trip from San Antonio harbour. There are day trips to many neighbouring destinations, including Isla Es Vedra. Especially popular with children are the glass-bottomed boats, from which you can see the underwater life taking place beneath you.
  • A new initiative starting in June 2008 is really taking the sting out of Ibiza. For the first time, fishing boats are patrolling the waters of the island to remove jellyfish – previously prevalent on most of the beaches. Trawling the areas with nets, the boats catch jellyfish on their way in to shore – and the fishermen are paid per kilo for their catch.
  • Don’t have the time to spend a week? Visit Ibiza for a weekend break. The rise in long weekends on the island has been substantial in recent years and many hotels and villas are available for two or three nights.
  • If partying late into the night isn’t your style, don’t dismiss Ibiza as a holiday destination. Away from San Antonio, the beauty of the island is largely untouched. There are plenty of rural farmhouses and villas across the island that cater to a more upmarket clientele. If this is more your style, it can be best to visit later in the season. The weather is still good right into October and the crowds of tourists arriving from cheap flights to Ibiza are diminishing.

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