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Luxury travel

Our pick of the top destinations for a luxury break

We’ve spun the globe and found destinations that epitomise luxury travel. From Dubai in the Middle East all the way across to Cancun in Mexico. So if you’re ready to get pampered and spoilt beyond belief, read on…

Decadent Dubai

Let's begin our trip to a destination that takes luxury travel to whole other level: the tiny emirate of Dubai. The city boasts the first 'seven-star' hotel in the world – Burj Al Arab, award-winning spas, in-door skiing and luxurious mega-malls.

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Asian splendours

Further east is Thailand’s bustling capital - Bangkok - which is filled with royal palaces juxtaposed against modern skyscrapers. Serious shoppers should head to the opulent silk and antique shops, while those in search of some pampering should definitely book a sumptuous spa treatment.

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South of Thailand is the island nation of Singapore. Travellers can’t seem to get enough of Singapore, voting it “Best Overseas City” time and time again, and with good reason. This modern Asian city has some of the best shopping in the world. Visit the designer shops along the famous Orchard Road then spend the rest of your time in the gigantic Yue Hwa shopping centre.

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Paradise found

If being pampered is your number one requirement for a holiday then look no further than Mauritius. Located in the Indian Ocean, just east of Madagascar, Mauritius has some of the world’s most exclusive resorts set along white sandy beaches and crystal blue water.

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Next stop: Cancun. Sitting along a 22km-stretch of beach on the Yucatan Peninsula is Mexico’s most popular resort – Cancun. Its stunning resorts, luxurious jungle hideaways and plush golf courses are for those travellers who won’t settle for an ordinary holiday.

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European flair

Our last two stops are back in Europe, to two of the most luxurious cities in the world: Paris and Rome. An obvious contender, Paris combines designer shopping, Michelin-starred restaurants and palatial hotels. Shop the speciality shops along the swanky Champs-Élysées and stop for a pain au chocolat and strong coffee at one of the elegant sidewalk cafes or restaurants.

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Every art gallery, piazza and hotel in Rome embodies luxury. Designer shops line the streets of via Condotti and around Piazza Navona are some elegant cafes and gelaterias to stop by after shopping. Gourmands should take a trip north of Rome to Umbria where truffles are harvested and wine is produced.

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Updated May 2014

Oonagh Shiel
Content Manager at Cheapflights whose travel life can be best summed up as BC (before children) and PC (post children). We only travel during the school holidays so short-haul trips and staycations are our specialities!