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WiFi access at Europe's busiest airports

Where to log on while you wait

Expect to have a bit of time to spare before you fly back to the UK? Here is a list of airports - Europe's busiest - that offer Wireless Internet Access.

We are not listing London Gatwick, Stansted, Manchester or Dublin here as these airports' offerings are detailed in our accompanying travel tip Wireless Access at UK and Irish Airports.

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Paris-Charles de GaulleHub télécomFree for 15 mins, €4.50/90 mins, ‘unlimited’ €9.90
Frankfurt AirportTelekom HotSpotFree for 60 mins, €4.95 for 24 hours
Madrid Barajas Airport (T4, T4S, food areas T1, T2, T3)KubiWirelessFree for 15 mins, €5 for 30 mins, €7.50 for 60 mins, €15 for 24 hours (excl. tax)
Schiphol (Amsterdam)KPNFree for 60 mins
Munich International AirportDeutsche Telekom HotSpotFree for 30 mins, €4.95 per hour
Barcelona International AirportKubiWirelessFree for 15 mins, €5 plus VAT for 30 mins, €7.50 plus VAT per hour, €15 for 24 hours (excl. tax)
Orly Airport, ParisHub télécomFree for 15 mins, €4.50/90 mins, ‘unlimited’ €9.90
Palma de Mallorca AirportKubiWirelessFree for 15 mins
Zürich AirportMonzoonAll airport-related info is free. 60 mins free CHF6.90/60 mins, CHF9.90/4 hours, CHF14.90 for 24 hours
Copenhagen AirportSeveral providers - TDC Hotspot, iPass, WeRoam, Boingo, NetPower IpzoneDKK40 for 30 mins (approx. £4.50) DKK60 for 60 mins, DKK80 for 4 hours
Domodedovo International AirportMTSFree
Vienna Airport-Free
Oslo Airport-Free for 2 hours
Malpensa AirportViaMilano500MB free, €2.90 for 30 mins, €5 for 60 mins
Düsseldorf International Airport-Free for 30 mins, then €4 for 30mins, €6 for 60mins and €12 for 4 hours. All airport-related info is free to surf.
Stockholm-Arlanda AirportSwedaviaFree for 3 hours or 100MB of data SEK49 per one hour (approx. £4.50) or SEK129 (approx. £12) for 24 hours.
Athens International AirportDept. of IT and TelecomsFree for 60 mins

Updated May 2014

Oonagh Shiel
Content Manager at Cheapflights whose travel life can be best summed up as BC (before children) and PC (post children). We only travel during the school holidays so short-haul trips and staycations are our specialities!