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When is the best time to fly to Andorra?

Peak season:

You’ll struggle to find the cheapest flights to Andorra during the winter months of December to March as this is the major season for snow lovers and fans of winter sports to enjoy the country. This does sometimes go into the middle of April although flight tickets will become increasingly cheaper as the months go on. March also sees the Big Snow Festival at the Arinsal ski resort which consists of partying, music, contests and many winter sports activities. For a less-ordinary event head to Andorra in May for the International Women’s Clown Festival whereby female clowns from around the world come to visit for a celebration. You’ll find flights to Andorra are more expensive during the event so plan ahead to make a saving on your flight tickets. There are many more festivals too, most of which take place from May to October when the weather is more pleasant and transportation is easier.

Off season:

Despite the major tourist attraction being the snowy mountains, Andorra is still relatively busy throughout the year. That said from May to October you will find the cheapest flights to Andorra a lot easier to find as tourism does slow down. Many tourists visit the country for hiking and accommodation is generally cheaper than other times of the year.

When is the best time to book a flight to Andorra?

Aim to have your flights to Andorra booked at least three months before you want to travel and if you are after the cheapest flights to Andorra then avoid the major tourist season in winter. You’ll also need to take into account the tourist seasons of Barcelona or Toulouse as well as this will impact the price of your flight tickets. Once you’ve decided on your dates to visit then you can see who provides the cheapest flight tickets to either airport. Flexibility is your best friend when it comes to finding the cheapest flights to Andorra so try not to rule out one airport unless you want to travel a little in that country too. For Barcelona, the best time to book a flight is August to October; however this is the worse time to visit Andorra if you’re after winter sports. Toulouse on the other hand is best to book from November to May so you might find the cheapest way to get to Andorra is to fly into Toulouse first.

How long is the flight to Andorra?

Flights from London to Andorra (Toulouse): 1 hours 40 minutes.

Flights from Manchester to Andorra (Barcelona): 2 hours 15 minutes.

Flights from Birmingham to Andorra (Toulouse): 3 hours 35 minutes.

Flights from Glasgow to Andorra (Barcelona): 2 hours 45 minutes.

Which airlines operate flights to Andorra?

If you’re after direct flights to Andorra then you’re better off flying from either London or Manchester. The main airlines that provide cheap flights to Andorra are easyJet, British Airways, Norwegian, Monarch, Ryanair and Jet2. If you’re flights to Andorra aren’t direct then you’ll also add KLM, Air France and Lufthansa to your potential airlines. Deciding which airline to fly with will usually come down to your budget, and in this case convenience. British Airways are generally more expensive than easyJet and Jet2 however you will receive a higher quality flight, with comfier seats, complimentary snacks and drinks as well as a better experience. That said if you’re not too fussed then easyJet, Ryanair or Jet2 still offer a good travelling experience for a cheap price so you’re more likely to make a saving on your flight tickets. Once you’ve decided on your dates then you can compare a few airlines together and see who offers you the best value for money.

How to get from the airport to the city centre?

You have two options when visiting Andorra. As there is no dedicated airport in the country you can fly into either Barcelona or Toulouse, so bear that in mind when you are researching cheap flights to Andorra. If you fly into Toulouse then you can find a bus twice a day which operates to Andorra with little problem. Your other option is to travel with Novatel. They operate a daily car service to Andorra and although they are more expensive than the bus, they are more comfortable and offer a higher standard of transport. Novatel operate from both Toulouse and Barcelona. You could of course rent a car and drive there yourself, which could be a great option if you’re a confident driver. This way you can go off track too if you’d like to explore France and Andorra. You're best off working out which option will benefit you most when you are securing your flight tickets. If you want to travel with Novatel then this should be prearranged after you’ve booked your cheap flights to Andorra and before you travel.

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