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When is the best time to fly to Eilat?

The peak tourist season in Eilat falls in July and August, and accordingly travel during these months is usually more expensive than other times of year. However, these summer months in the city can often be the hottest, making extensive sightseeing a little more difficult than in the cooler transitional seasons. Visiting in October or May will enable you to enjoy some good weather whilst taking advantage of the cheaper deals that tend to crop up during these off peak seasons. If you want to take part in local festivities, why not visit the city during Passover or a similar big festival?

Eilat overview

Stunning natural beauty and a rich, historic feel make Eilat a memorable place to visit for travellers of all ages. Visit the Red Canyon for a hike and enjoy the wonderful vistas from the top, for example. Tinna National Park as a whole, with its sandstone mountains and the volcano after which it is named (right in the centre) is a brilliant place for a day trip. Coral Beach Nature Reserve blends the pleasures of clean white sands and warm water ideal for swimming in, with a wonderful range of native flora and fauna. If you are visiting Eilat with kids, then make sure to pay a visit to the Underwater Observatory Marine Park. This great underwater themed wildlife park will enable you to get up close to some amazing marine animals, from dolphins to tiny mollusks! Eilat also has a brilliant array of different bars, restaurants, and cafes for you to try. Foodies are sure to love a holiday in this city, and any walk in the town centre is sure to be punctuated by enjoyable stops for traditional mint tea or strong coffee, or a plate of freshly baked bread and olives.

Getting around Eilat

The main attractions in the city centre can be reached on foot. Some of the closest beaches are also within walking distance. However, if you want to visit the south beach, you can make use of the (quite limited) bus service. There are plenty of taxis roaming the streets of Eliat, so these are always an option too. Just remember to insist that the driver switches on the meter before you depart, or even agrees on a fare beforehand so you pay a fair price.

Getting from the Airport to the City

Eilat airport is located right in the city centre, so you could even walk to your hotel if you wanted to. Taxis and airport buses are, however, also on hand to take you where you need to go. Another option is to hire your own car to get to your hotel from the airport. You can then also use your hire car to get to all the places you want to go for the duration of your stay as well.

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