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One thing you’ll rarely see when you travel to Jackson Hole is the inside of your hotel. Being outside is a way of life in Wyoming, and if you’re not living it among the mountains, forests, and rivers, then you’re not doing it right. The beauty of Jackson Hole lies in its nature. Grand Teton National Park looms over the valley (distinguishing it from adjacent town, Jackson) and the mountains make a breathtaking backdrop of serenity and solitude. 

There’s a feeling here that brings travellers back to the 19th century, long days of cowboys riding into the sunset, and folk music off in the distance. It’s come a long way, but still holds true to its roots. Avid skiers, daring hikers, and outdoor types in general all book flights to Jackson Hole to experience a oneness with nature no matter what season. While both affordable and glamorous, Jackson Hole is always welcoming, and constantly rewarding. 

Come for the scenery, the art, the hills or the exploration, but when you book a flight to Jackson Hole, you won’t be disappointed.

Jackson climate

The best thing about Jackson Hole is its seasonal activities. Extreme in climate, it gets very hot in the summer and cools right down in the winter. Skiers enjoy the frigid atmosphere in the winter, and the fresh air rejuvenates hikers and fishers during the warmer seasons. Pick your activity, and book a flight to Jackson Hole whenever it suits you.

When to fly to Jackson

Peak Season: 

Summer is the perfect time for hiking and fishing. With the sun shining, temperatures rising, and beautiful vegetation springing up around every corner, it’s the perfect time to book a flight to Jackson Hole. Don’t forget your camera! 

Off-peak Season: 

There’s really no off-peak season for Jackson Hole, but unless you’re a skier, winter time doesn’t offer much ease for wandering, with the area’s freezing cold temperatures and steep valley walls. If you’re addicted to the snowy descent, though, winter is the perfect time to visit.

Getting around Jackson

While there’s little around for public transport, there are a few ways to get to and from the area if you’re planning on expanding your Jackson Hole travel. Alltran’s Jackson Hole Express operates buses every morning that drive to Salt Lake City. If you’re staying within the park though, hop on the Southern Teton Area Rapid Transit, which runs throughout Teton Village.

Jackson insider information

Climbing: Rock climbers go crazy for Grand Teton, and book flights to Jackson Hole solely to explore its steep drops. Thousands of daring travellers have reached its summit in the last century, and with the help of skilled guides and established routes, first timers can discover just how incredible these mountains really are. If you’re interested in climbing overnight, it’s easy to get a permit, and stay at the Grand Teton Climber’s Ranch, where you can sleep on dorm beds in cabins, and prepare for a two-day journey.

Fishing: This is an activity that is great for all seasons, depending on which kind of fish you’re looking for. In the winter, brave the waves (and be careful), and in the summer spend a lazy afternoon casting out and reeling in. Choose from Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Snake River. Fly fishing is popular in the Jackson Lake Dam, but you can find fishing gear and help from guides no matter where you settle.

Golfing: Plenty of American Presidents have hit 18 holes on these beautiful green courses. Book a flight to Jackson Hole to swing like the best of them on world-class links. The Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis Club has an 18-hole course with a club and driving range upscale enough to please any celebrity golfer’s taste. Although the area has a short putting season, it’s certainly worth it to book a flight to Jackson Hole in early summer for a little quality time on the green.

Hiking: There’s one thing you won’t have a shortage of when you book a flight to Jackson Hole, and that is mountain ranges. With a number of forests and mountain ranges nearby, you could hike every day for a year and never see the same trail twice. Most first-timers choose to explore Grand Teton National Park first (known for gorgeous foliage in the autumn) but other forests near the park have made names for themselves as well. Bridger-Teton National Forest, Shoshone National Forest (known for its glaciers and alpine fishing) are just a few others.

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