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Brett hopes to one day reach the shores of far-flung Tristan da Cunha, the most remote of all the inhabited archipelagos on Earth…as to what he’ll do when he gets there, he hasn’t a clue. Over the last 10 years, London, New York, Cape Town and Pondicherry have all proudly been referred to as home. Now it’s Copenhagen’s turn, where he lends his travel expertise to
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Copenhagan - Best Christmas markets in Europe

Europe’s best Christmas markets

Europe’s famous festive markets are a great way to infuse a little tradition, magic and authenticity into your Christmas (shopping). Here’s our pick of the best
Brett Ackroyd
Best and worst destinations for vegetarians

The best – and worst – destinations for vegetarians

Here we look at the 10 best and the 10 worst destinations for vegetarians.
Brett Ackroyd
A full day in Havana for art and beach lovers

Havana in 6 stops – for lovers of the beach (and art too)

Search flights to Havana   With a wealth of culture on offer, Havana is a great destination for an artistic...
Brett Ackroyd
Brazil World Cup 2014 - 10 must drinks beverage guide

Brazil’s top 10 drinks (if you’re there for the World Cup or Olympics)

Travelling around and watching the football during World Cup 2014 will be “thirsty” work. We hope this handy guide to...
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10 must-eats - Brazil World Cup 2014

Brazil’s must-eats … if you’re there for the World Cup or Olympics

Here are the 10 street foods, cooked dishes and desserts you really ought to try while out in Brazil for the World Cup (or Olympics in 2016!).
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5 of the best galleries in Berlin

5 of the best galleries in Berlin

Here we pick out five of the German capital’s best galleries
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Top 5 New York brunch spots 2013

Top 5 New York brunch spots

Brunch is more than a mere substitute for breakfast and lunch. For self-respecting city slickers, it’s the linchpin of their hectic social lives.
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Full-day Orlando Itinerary

Orlando in 5 stops – a family day out

You’ve done Disney and some of the other theme parks and you’re looking for a more low-key day with the kids. What to do? This full day Orlando itinerary could help.
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Save money on West End theatre tickets London

Cheap London: 5 ways to save money on West End theatre tickets

Here we list five ways you can save money on those pricey theatre tickets.
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