This page includes photo credits for the images we used in our Top 125 Christmas dishes from around the world post.

Photo credit: ad454

Photo Credit: Nataly Aros

Photo Credit: rofi

Photo Credit: jlastras

Photo Credit: marthasoft

Photo Credit: BocaDorada

Photo Credit: Stor-Elvdal Kommune

Photo Credit: Kekka

Photo Credit: bojdom

Photo Credit: Manne

Photo Credit: Hargestam

Photo Credit: .saetre

Photo Credit: Magnus A.

Photo Credit: mariusz.o

Photo Credit: chribban

Photo Credit: kalleboo

Photo Credit: nilslennart

Photo Credit: hepp

Photo Credit: borkur net

Photo Credit: jacobms

Photo Credit: graciepoo

Photo Credit: chotda

Photo Credit: steve loya

Photo credit: Zreh13

Photo Credit: molossoidea

Photo Credit: arnold | inuyaki

Photo credit: Dolce Fooda

Photo Credit: sierravalleygirl

Photo Credit: Rob Galloway

Photo Credit: Kelly Sue

Photo Credit: jasonlam

Photo Credit: danielito311

Photo Credit: joannova

Photo Credit: ZaCky

Photo Credit: lucianvenutian

Photo credit: Chennette

Photo Credit: davidsp

Photo Credit: victoriafee

Photo Credit: Wanderin’ Weeta 

Photo Credit: gmarvinh

Photo Credit: davipt

Photo credit: su-lin

Photo Credit: Renata F. Oliveira

Photo Credit: Gúnna

Photo Credit: hfb

Photo Credit: orimo

Photo Credit: roboppy

Photo Credit: Ali Elan

Photo Credit: Jonny Baillie

Photo Credit: terren in Virginia

Photo Credit: Caro Wallis

Photo Credit: brooklyn 

Photo Credit: paul goyette

Photo Credit: cardamom

Photo Credit: roman.petruniak 

Photo Credit: annikalundin

Photo Credit: stormgrass

Photo Credit: Miia Ranta

Photo Credit: thelonghotsummer

Photo Credit: Mr Miyagi

Photo Credit: maewe

Photo Credit: Xoxote

Photo Credit: Juan Fernández

Photo Credit: carloswes

Photo Credit: Xosé Castro

Photo Credit: Xosé Castro

Photo Credit: minor9th

Photo Credit: Food Stories

Photo Credit: joshbousel

Photo Credit: Jim Moran

Photo Credit: Niquinho

Photo Credit: jayneandd

Photo Credit: debaj

Photo Credit: gregoriosz

Photo Credit: gorgeoux

Photo Credit: rfm_ro

Photo Credit: draculina_ak

Photo Credit: maewe 

Photo Credit: nicksarebi

Photo Credit: Henry

Photo Credit: matas.p

Photo Credit: Manuel W

Photo Credit: NA.dir

Photo Credit: Rudy A. Girón

Photo Credit: tuchodi

Photo Credit: ReeseCLloyd

Photo Credit: Mischelle

Photo Credit: Lori_NY

Photo Credit: HarshLight

Photo Credit: distopiandreamgirl

Photo Credit: Filippogiad

Photo Credit: josewolff

Photo Credit: MacDara

Photo Credit: Miia Ranta

Photo Credit: Miia Ranta

Photo credit: SaijaLehto

Photo Credit: cglosli

Photo Credit: sachinese

Photo Credit: marindatjie

Photo Credit: t3mplar

Photo Credit: sharon.schneider

Photo credit: RobW

Photo Credit: secretlondon123

Photo credit: pjotter05

Photo Credit: Tamara

Photo Credit: HarlanH

Photo Credit: jypsygen

Photo Credit: thalana

Photo Credit: Sassyradish 

Photo Credit: josewolff

Photo credit: eliazar

Photo Credit: Sifu Renka

Photo Credit: Swamibu

Photo Credit: snekse

Photo Credit: graciepoo

Photo Credit: Juan Carlos Ramiro Quiroga

Photo Credit: jlastras

Photo Credit: Doublebug