Travellers must be savvy in 2009

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January can be something of a strange month. Christmas is beginning to seem like a distant memory and the weather feels practically arctic, making hibernation until the spring a highly attractive option.

However, succumbing to the January blues is no good for anybody – particularly as it could mean that you miss out on a number of money-saving deals.

The credit crunch may still be biting, but there have been a slew of special offers in the aviation industry recently, with a number of airlines slashing the price of flights this week.

As such, it is the ideal time to try and book a flight to somewhere nice and sunny – the perfect antidote to the somewhat depressing effects of the British winter.

Flybe, easyJet, British Airways, Monarch, Virgin Atlantic and Flyglobespan have all announced special deals this week, to great destinations across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

Knowing that you’ve got a trip planned for sunnier climes is bound to perk you up until the weather warms up in the UK, but as the global financial instability continues travellers will need to exercise caution when looking for flights (see the Cheapflights travel tip: Travelling in a Recession).

For instance, it is worth looking into the small print of any offer. This week easyJet announced a reduction on all flights for all dates from March 1 until June 30, but most airlines would enforce blackout periods during peak travel times such as school holidays.

Certain travel providers and airlines are also highly aware that 2009 could prove to be very difficult for flyers.

Flybe, for example, has this month launched a special insurance policy for all passengers who make a booking in January which will allow them to cancel flights if they are made redundant.

Such a policy could prove very useful for many people this year, if only to give them sound peace of mind when making a booking.

Interestingly, the Association of Independent Tour Operators (AITO) has now launched a campaign on financial protection, aimed at helping consumers to make sure that they do not lose out if financially if something goes wrong with their booking.

The organisation explained: “A tough year is predicted for 2009, with an uncertain economic outlook, but the one certainty is for holidays to remain firmly on the consumer

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