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Benidorm overview

When is the best time to visit?

Peak Season:
The high season runs from May to October, and Benidorm is most crowded and at its hottest in July and August. Visitors throng the area, overcrowding the town, and making accommodations hard to find and flights to Benidorm are a bit more expensive.

National Day is October 12 when the Spanish are also on holiday.

Off Season:

Even though winter is a popular time, a lot more cheap flights to Benidorm are available than in summer and it is easier to find a rental for an extended period of time. However, many of the bars, restaurants and attractions are closed over this period.

Fall as is celebrated throughout the Valencian region of Spain, including Benidorm, where it is considered to be its most internationally known festival. To mark this occasion, there are street parties, parades and individuals wearing spectacular costumes. The festival lasts for five days and finishes with specially built giant paper mache monuments being set on fire. This celebration symbolises the welcoming of spring.

Take a cheap flight to Benidorm In November when a fiesta is held for one week, in honour of Benidorm's Patron Saints, who are the Virgin of the Suffrage and Saint James the Apostle. To celebrate this occasion, there are processions, fireworks displays, flower offering, a parade of floats and live music. Festivities go well into the night, some for practically 24 hours a day. It is recommended to book flights in advance for the festival.

Why visit?

Find a cheap flight to Benidorm and visit one of the most important holiday resorts in Spain. Each year millions of tourists seek flights to Benidorm. In the 1950s it pioneered mass tourism, deciding to build up into the blue sky and leave lots of space for parks and pools and outdoor spaces rather than sprawling outwards. This way, visitors have short strolls to the beach and beautiful sea views.

The hot sun is beating down most of the year, there are two wonderful beaches, "W" in shape, and sparkling waters The Old Town sits on the promontory between the sweeping beaches.

There is an abundance of pubs and clubs and restaurants serving anything from tapas to all-day breakfasts.

Getting around Benidorm

Benidorm is small enough to get around on foot. There is a local bus operating a service around the city as well.

Getting from the airport to the city

Getting from the Airport to the City Benidorm doesn’t have its own airport so all flights to Benidorm land at Alicante Airport (ALC), located 36 miles away. Many hotels organise airport transfer or you can pre-book a private or shared shuttle. Car rental companies also operate from the airport.

Benidorm insider information

  • If you’re visiting Benidorm at the height of the tourist season and want to spend the day at one of the town’s two beaches, arrive early to grab a spot on the sand.
  • You can pick up souvenirs just about anywhere you choose: from the many gift shops, from the touts wandering the beach, from the hotel lobbies… One of the more enjoyable places to visit though is the outdoor market. Held every Wednesday and Sunday in the market square in the new town, it’s the place to buy clothes, leather, art or sunglasses. Further out of town, but also worth a visit is the Flea Market, El Cisne. It’s held at the weekends only and you can get there either by taxi or on the number 10 bus to Altea.
  • If you don’t decide to stop off at the flea market but keep going to Altea itself you’ll be pleasantly surprised. A much more “real” town than its neighbour Benidorm, Altea has great beaches and some beautiful old buildings – though the town is now undergoing a similar kind of construction that started in Benidorm in the 1960s and led to the huge array of skyscrapers. Many who fly to Benidorm also like to visit Altea.
  • Sample some churros – a Spanish speciality similar to a straight doughnut. It’s a deep-fried pastry which is popular in Spain and particularly the Valencia region.
  • One of Benidorm's top tourist attractions is Terra Mitica, a theme park with Europe's longest wooden rollercoaster. Another is Terra Natura, a new-generation wildlife park on 320,000 square metres with four themed areas: Pangea, America, Asia and Europe.

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More information about Benidorm

  • A popular seaside resort along the Spanish Costa Blanca, Benidorm is the perfect spot to head for sun, sea and sand
  • Explore the local areas and take a boat to the Isla de Benidorm Wildlife sanctuary or the small island Tabarca
  • Las Vegas style cabarets and lavish dinner shows take place at the Benidorm Palace which can seat over 2,000
  • Once the tallest sky scraper in the country, the four star Gran Hotel Bali is now the tallest hotel in Europe
  • Mundomar is a large exotic marine animal park. Check out their collection of rare parrots and sea lions
  • 4km of coast is the main attraction of Benidorm with Playa de Levante and Playa del Mal Pas particular favourites
  • The Plaza de Toros bullring hosts many traditional bull fights to a packed out stadium with top named matadors each year
  • Venture out to the quaint, small villages such as Albir or Villa Joyosa to experience the old town lifestyle
  • Why not visit Puid Campana. At 1406m high, it is one of the biggest and most impressive mountains of Costa Blanca
  • Take a walk along the picturesque coasts to explore the El Faro Lighthouse or go deeper to the Villa Joyosa olive groves

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