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When is the Best Time to Visit?

Peak Season:

Flying season for tourist’s runs from May to late October, and the major convention season covers March through May, September, and October.

Not all flights to Frankfurt are full of travellers coming for conferences and business. The city’s very own folk festival, Waldchestag (Forest Day), has been taking place for centuries featuring a combination of live music concerts, funfair rides, food and drink stall. As there is something for the whole family to enjoy, locals, young and old, throughout the generations traditionally leave work by midday throughout the three day festival to make their way to the forest. The Walchestag is a traditional way of the locals representing their love and pride for their city.

MainFest takes place in August is a huge four day festival in Romerberg’s old town at the banks of the river Main. MainFest entices thousands of locals and visitors to come and enjoy fireworks, fairground rides, wine and much more. With attractions such as games, tombolas, rides and carousels it is the only city festival which appeals to the whole family.

Off Season:

Even with the heat, rain, and crowds of June and August, you can find cheap flights to Frankfurt in the summer than in the spring and autumn. The cold and stormy weather of November through February generally brings fewer visitors than the rest of the year.

City Overview

Take a cheap flight to Frankfurt and see the financial centre of Germany, Frankfurt has more than 300 banks and the European Central Bank, German Federal Bank, and stock exchange. Another nickname is Mainhatten, due to its skyscrapers that include the Commerzbank Tower, Deutsche Bank Twin Towers and Maintower (with observation deck at 656ft). It is a fantastic and little-known city to visit on a weekend break.

It is where the Romans and Charlemagne held court and where kings and emperors of the Holy Roman Empire were crowned. German democracy was born here in 1848. Its Christmas market, held in Romerberg Square, dates back to 1393.

In common with other German cities, Frankfurt was bombed during the Second World War, but small pockets of its original Old Town remain and a meticulous building programme has restored it to its medieval glory.

Frankfurt provides more support to the arts than any other city in Europe. The Sachsenhausen stretch of the main embankment boasts 16 newish museums focusing on subjects such as art, natural history, film, communications and ethnology.

St Bartholomew’s Cathedral, St Paul’s Church, the Hauptwache and the Old Opera House are must-see attractions. Beautiful old town square Romerberg features the Romer – Frankfurt’s town hall – as well as the Ostzeile, a row of reconstructed 15th-century houses. If you book flights to Frankfurt for fun and entertainment, then take a trip to nightlife hub Sachsenhausen, which is full of lively bars and nightclubs. To see plays, musicals and live music performances, visit Hocht, a cultural district of the city. There, you can find theatre and concerts at the likes of Neues Theater Hochst and the Jahrhunderthalle.

Frankfurt climate

Summers are warm and fluctuate between sunny and rainy. Spring and autumn are mild with temperatures in the 10s and teens Celsius, and winter is cold with wet days. July and August are the warmest months with temperatures usually in the mid-20s. January is the coldest month with below-zero temperatures.Getting to town from the airportFrankfurt Airport (FRA) is situated 8 miles south west of the centre of Frankfurt, and taxis, S-Bahn (fast commuter trains), shuttles and buses link the airport to the centre of town.

Getting around Frankfurt

Frankfurt has a great public transport system. The RMV (Rhein-Main Verkehrsverbund) sends efficient, modern subways, trams and buses all over the city. You can get unlimited travel around Frankfurt with a Frankfurt Card. Renting a car is an option. You can find reasonably priced parking in the centre, but battling traffic, construction and accidents could eat into your sightseeing time.

Frankfurt insider information

  • Not just a financial centre, Frankfurt is also a trade hub, hosting fairs and festivals throughout the year. These events include the International Music Trade Fair, International Jazz Festival, Wilhelmstrassenfest Theatrium street festival, the world’s largest Book Fair, and a month-long Christmas Fair — to name just a few. Check the Trade Show and Events calendar to see what will be in town while you’re there.
  • Many of Frankfurt’s museums are closed on Mondays, but several have free admission on Wednesdays.
  • Frankfurt is the place to shop for high-quality electronics and sports equipment; top-of-the line European fashion; and the best of European wines, breads, cheeses, and sausages.
  • Two popular outdoor activities are swimming and inline skating. Swimming centres often have slides, waterfalls, and other amusements. "Freikörper" or "FKK" on a sign indicates that the park or beach allows nude sunbathing. Tuesday nights, from March until October, thousands of inline skaters are on the road. The event starts at the Ignatz Bubis Bridge and is 26 miles long, but the route always changes. The event is free and anybody can join.
  • Bicycling is also a popular activity in Frankfurt. The Stadtwald has paths that are well-tended and flat. There are many bike paths along both sides of the Main River and also the Nidda River (in the Heddernheim, Eschersheim, Hausen, and Rödelheim districts). For something more strenuous, try the paths of the Taunus Hills.
  • As a techno centre, Frankfurt has no shortage of dance clubs, and you can dance the night away at many clubs. It is also a leading centre for jazz, and jazz musicians can be found anywhere from cafés to the Old Opera House. Sound of Frankfurt is a giant, outdoor music festival held every July with live bands, DJs, and techno, house, rock, rap, and Latin American music. Party goers fill the pedestrian zone around the Ziel, and there’s enough space for each concert to have its own party.
  • Sachsenhausen (Frankfurt's "Left Bank") is where you’ll find Apfelwein (apple wine or cider) taverns. A tavern with a pine wreath over its door makes its own apple wine.

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  • Discover the city’s rich culture at one of its many festivals, including the Museums Riverbank Festival in August
  • Get cheap direct flights to Frankfurt and journey on to anywhere in Europe
  • Book direct flights to Germany, Frankfurt am Main, and be in the city centre in less than half an hour
  • Find time to wander around Bartholomew’s Cathedral in awe of the building’s splendid 14th century Gothic architecture
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  • Make sure to try some of Germany’s traditional foods on the streets of Frankfurt including the Frankfurter
  • As European cities go, Frankfurt is up there with the best as a place for a fun-filled city break
  • Explore Frankfurt’s many museums that are located in the city’s Old Town or along the banks of the River Main
  • Venture out late to the city’s nightclubs, and relive the birth of trance music that occurred there in the early 90s
  • Spend an evening at Frankfurt’s Alte Oper. The historic opera house was reconstructed in 1981 due to public demand

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