Brits spend the least on Valentine’s getaways

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When it comes to splashing the cash on a romantic getaway, it seems British holidaymakers are amongst the stingiest in Europe.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and couples everywhere will be preparing to get all loved-up as they whisper sweet nothings to each other this Thursday. (Featured image by

Some of us will keep it simple with a romantic evening in, while the more adventurous out there might escape on a romantic break for two to mark the occasion.

But if recent research is to be believed, it seems that most Brits will be opting for the first option this year.

Online travel specialist has found that, when it comes to splashing the cash on a romantic getaway, British holidaymakers are amongst the stingiest in Europe.

How are you celebrating Valentine's Day?
How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?

According to the research, the average loved-up Brit will spend just £131 on a romantic break for two this Valentine’s Day.

This budget-friendly amount is a drop from last year’s figure and one of the lowest in Europe. Germany was found to have the biggest number of high spenders, shelling out an average of £214 on Valentine’s trips.

The Germans faced some stiff competition from romantic nationalities throughout Europe, but managed to claim the top spot ahead of France.

Unsurprisingly, the Germans were also found to be the most organised when it comes to planning a romantic getaway.

The average German couple books a break 23 days in advance, compared to second-placed France with nine days.

Again, we Brits didn’t fare too well, leaving it an average of six days before the big day to get all their plans in place.

Lake Windermere
Lake Windermere. Image by Sam Foles

“This Valentine’s Day British couples have proved that, despite tightened purse strings, spontaneity and an element of surprise helps to keep romance alive,” said Mark Maddock of UK and Ireland.

We can’t be doing too much wrong, as a study recently found the UK to have two of the most romantic hotels in the world, in the form of the Cranleigh Boutique Hotel and Cedar Manor Hotel.

Located in the Lake District, these luxury hotels give couples the chance to have a peaceful, blissful break in one of the most beautiful parts of the country.

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