Brits unable to switch off on holiday

A holiday is supposed to be a chance to relax, unwind and forget about the stresses and strains of modern life. But it seems this is just too much to ask for some Brits.

In a survey – by – of people in management roles, 49 per cent said they looked at their email account every single day during their last holiday.

Of those who checked their email while on holiday, three-quarters were with their partner and children at the time – and 44 per cent said it had caused friction.

But holiday email addicts aren’t the worst, some 25 per cent of respondents said they actually did work on their last break.

The survey also revealed which professions are the hardest to leave at the office, even when the office is in a different country.

Those working in PR and marketing are among the worst at out-of-hours working, with people in sales, legal and the media also guilty of not switching off.

The average Brit takes five gadgets away with them

The average Brit takes five gadgets away with them

Dr Gill Jenkins, a GP, said that checking work emails and even logging in to social networks can be counter-productive to a relaxing holiday.

“Having your phone with you and being able to get in touch with home if you need to can put your mind at rest during your break, but make sure you’re not checking Facebook, Twitter and work emails constantly,” she said.

“When you’re on holiday try to enjoy the break from your routine as it does you good to switch off completely now and then to de-stress and recharge your batteries.”

Separate research by TravelSupermarket found that the average British holidaymaker takes five gadgets on holiday with them, with digital cameras, smartphones and eReaders the most popular devices.

“If you’re taking your gadgets away, use them to your advantage,” said Bob Atkinson, a travel expert at TravelSupermarket.

“They can be useful to help you explore your surroundings, help translate foreign menus or check out local public transport options.”

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