Cherry blossom or “sakura” is considered by many to be the national flower of Japan and every year the spring blooms signal the start of one of the country’s biggest party seasons. The arrival of the blossom brings colleagues, families and friends out into the parks, setting out picnics beneath the trees for “Hanami” (flower viewing).

Popular places such as Ueno Park or Yoyogi Park in Tokyo or Maruyama Park and Heian Shrine in Kyoto will be crowded with people using the blossom as a good excuse to eat, drink, chat (sing karaoke) and celebrate the coming of spring.

From late March into May, the whole country goes cherry blossom crazy with even Kit Kats and ice-cream available in cherry-blossom flavours during the blossom seasons and cherry-blossom forecasts featuring in newspapers and on morning and evening TV news.

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So here are 11 photos that prove cherry blossom season is the most beautiful thing.

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