11 things to do in Amsterdam for under 20 euros

Amsterdam might not be the cheapest city on the planet, but a holiday here doesn’t have to leave you with empty pockets. Most of the main attractions come in at less than 20 euros each, and there are plenty of cheaper options when it comes to eating and drinking. Check out our top 11 things to see and do if you’re on a budget…

Eat FEBO, FEBO and more FEBO

A Dutch fast food chain, FEBO has its own unique style. Simply slot some coins into the ‘automats’ or vending machine slots to purchase croquettes, French fries or burgers. There are 22 restaurants dotted throughout Amsterdam, so you’ll never be far from one.

Drop in to NDSM

Get the free 15-minute ferry upriver from the city centre to NDSM. This once-derelict shipyard is home to an alternative and artsy community. Expect plenty of music events, along with graffiti-splattered walls, restaurants, bars and cafes. If you just want to roam and dig for the odd bargain at the markets, 20 euros will be more than enough.

Stop by the Anne Frank Museum

Explore one of Amsterdam’s most popular museums by learning about the young Jewish girl who went into hiding from Nazis during the Second World War. Tickets for adults cost around 9 euros each. Check the opening days before you set off.


Catch a film at Pathe Tuschinski

Widely considered one of the most beautiful cinema theatres in the world, Pathe Tuschinski’s interior design echoes a range of styles including Amsterdam School and Art Noveau. It also has some Asian influences. You can watch a variety of Dutch movies and the latest Hollywood blockbusters, or take a one to two hour audio tour (which includes tea and coffee) for around 10 euros.

Enjoy an Amsterdam Arena stadium tour

If you want to take a closer look at the largest stadium in the Netherlands, at a capacity of over 50,000, then look no further than the Amsterdam Arena. It costs just 16 euros to tour the stadium, including a visit to the dressing rooms, a press room and a stint on the pitch. If you book online the price is €14.50.

Then watch Ajax play

Prices for an Ajax game will vary depending on how important the match is, but for a standard game seats tend to be around 13 euros. Enjoy the most famous club in the Netherlands and get really ingrained in the match. If you love football, it’s a must-do.

Have a pint at the Heineken Experience

Heineken is one of the top three beer producers in the world, so if you’re a fan of a pint, this is one for your itinerary. Rather than most brewery tours which are all about the beer-tasting, the Heineken Experience also focuses on interaction, multimedia and entertainment. Tickets are 16 euros if you book online.

Get on your bike

Amsterdam is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world. You’ll hear the ping-ping of an on-coming cyclist at every corner. Rent your own set of wheels for less than 10 euros and join the crew. There are specially-designated bike paths all around the city, and some great routes that take you past a lot of the main sights.

Explore the Red Light District

Come on – you can’t come all the way to Amsterdam and not at least stroll through the Red Light District, can you? Walking is free – we’ll leave it up to you how much you spend on other activities…

Cruise the canals

Take a one-hour canal cruise for as little as 10 euros with Rederij Kooij. A big-name operator since the 1920’s, their popular cruise will take you across some of the main canals within the centre of the city.

Get out of town to Haarlem

Around 21km away from Amsterdam’s centre is the town of Haarlem. It only costs 5 euros for a train ticket and it’s definitely worth taking a day trip. Wander around the famous tulip fields or head to the historic city centre to visit its old-fashioned buildings. Haarlem is getting more and more popular and has a range of cafes, restaurants and several intriguing museums to check out.


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