12 healthy, happy honeymoon destinations 1

12 healthy, happy honeymoon destinations

Honeymooners used to be happy with a “Do not disturb” sign on their hotel doorknob. These days though, newlyweds like to balance traditional activities with the healthy outdoors. Look no further than the list below, handily broken up month by month for the convenience of brides and grooms everywhere. You might also like to check out our 10 honeymoon ideas for that New Year marriage proposal.

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January – Phuket, Thailand

Spend your honeymoon improving yourself in every way in Phuket. This once ravaged area of Thailand is now host to resorts that specialise in physical activities and healthy living. If your marriage vows were blurred with New Year’s resolutions, then you can’t go wrong with somewhere like Thanyapura with its range of luxury rooms and activities.



February – Musandam Peninsula, Oman

The Musandam Peninsula is home to spectacular coastal, mountain and desert views. Hidden amongst it all are some prime resorts for honeymooners looking to feel as remote as possible from civilisation whilst still enjoying its luxuries. You have the choice of simply indulging your lazy side, or partaking in activities that’ll get your energies going, such as rock climbing, canyoning, mountain biking and the obligatory watersports.



March – Kovalam, India

Kovalam is famous for its 17-kilometre coast and great beaches, with plenty of typical watersports fun to be had. Kovalam is also known for resorts offering Ayurvedic treatments for when you’re in need of purification. The southern tip of India is warm all year round, but March neatly avoids the hottest and monsoon periods.



April – Costa Rica

More than a tenth of tourists coming to Costa Rica are newlyweds, and the country has recently moved into third place as a top honeymoon destination. This dazzling little country is mostly made up of rainforest and beaches, providing the romantic backdrop those voracious honeymooners demand.

In terms of healthy options, climbing Arenal Volcano to visit hot mineral springs is a major draw, while kayaking, trekking and canopy ziplining are in store for those exploring the rainforest. April is an ideal month to go as it’s just before the rainy season and has fewer tourists than the peak of the months before.



May – Red Mountains, Utah

Utah’s Red Mountains provide some of the most captivating scenery in the USA thanks to the iconic terracotta landscape that begs to be explored. Hiking is all the range out here, with bike and horse options for those in a hurry. At night, the remote location offers stunningly clear views of the stars. Importantly, several resorts accommodate adventure seekers with spa facilities for when they need to crash. May in Utah is ideally warm – its arid climate doesn’t quite reach the peaks of mid-summer, leaving you with plenty of energy to climb the scenery.



June – Curonian Spit, Lithuania

Couples that cycle together, stay together, or something. But yes, newlywed cyclists looking for something remote and adventurous should head to the Curonian Spit in Lithuania. This long thin stretch between the Baltic Sea and a massive lake is a UNESCO world heritage site due to all its huge sand dunes. The largest city on the spit is Nida where couples can find plenty of accommodation options. Any time between May and September is good, but it might be too hot for some in July and August, while May and September are more likely to have spots of rain. June is perfect.



July – Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland is world-famous for diving amongst vast reams of coral. Unsurprisingly, it makes a great honeymoon destination. July provides perfect diving conditions and avoids the hottest and rainiest periods of the year. Alternatively, the same month is also peak ski season in Australia and ski havens like Mount Beauty in Victoria can offer you a totally different experience after you’re done in the reef waters.



August – The Swiss Alps

The Swiss have a year of celebrations lined up, including the 150-year anniversary of the first Matterhorn ascent, and there are plenty of events happening over the summer. Switzerland is breathtaking when in full bloom, making it ideal for newly-married mountaineers. There are some grand accommodation options too, with all sorts of luxury treatments on offer.



September – South Africa

South Africa is lauded for its safari parks and now more and more resorts are providing a luxury stay – perfect for newlyweds wanting to be pampered in-between all the animal fun. September is an ideal time to visit as the temperatures are pleasant, there are fewer tourists, and the bush isn’t overgrown, leaving all those famous animals more visible.



October – The Philippines

The Philippines are made up of so many islands that you might get lost on your honeymoon. You’ll probably want to do so anyway thanks to their idyllic climate and scenery. Outside the capital Manila, areas such as Batangas have a number of getaways for newlyweds where they can get pampered or head out for a bit of a scuba dive.

If the two of you prefer exploring an unreal fantastical landscape, head to Chocolate Hills in Bohol. The seasons are a bit unpredictable in the Philippines, but October is around the end of the rainy season and should offer very pleasant temperatures.



November – Malta

Spending your honeymoon in Malta is a no-brainer, what with its extensive luxury and spa options. Surrounded by crystal Mediterranean waters, with plenty of watersports, boating and climbing opportunities, you won’t get bored outside your hotel either. November is a canny time to visit – it doesn’t have the blazing heat of summer nor the influx of tourists, leaving you and your partner in warm surroundings with a bit of privacy when you need it. And if it rains, who cares when you’re in the lap of luxury.



December – Grenada

The island of Grenada in the Caribbean is a top draw for adventurous travellers. Its volcanic landscape is home to several secluded accommodation options for honeymooners looking for a bit of privacy. December is the best month to visit as hurricane season is long gone but all the winter travellers from the UK and US haven’t arrived yet, and they’ll be everywhere from January to April.


(Alison Benbow)

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