Vending machines – an excellent invention for the shy types. No need for any kind of interaction with human beings, you just insert a coin and a can of Coke, maybe a chocolate bar or bag of crisps, pops right out. But there are some places in this world where they took the idea of vending machines a little bit further. So here are 17 things you wouldn’t believe exist in vending machines. Just a little warning, some of the things are totally insane, just read on!

1. LEGO, Germany

Need to pass some time while waiting for a train? Grab a box of LEGO.

2. Live crabs, Hanghzou, China

They come chilled and still alive… Not for the faint hearted.


3. Mashed potatoes, Singapore

Bangers and mash anyone?

4. Burritos, USA

Fully loaded with guacamole and sour cream, yum.

5. Jeans, Florence, Italy

No fitting rooms? Do they accept returns?

6. Fresh lettuce, Japan

It doesn’t come fresher than this…

7. Marijuana, USA

Strictly for the medicinal purposes.

8. Canned bread, Japan

Perfectly paired with spam.

9. Caviar, LA, USA

Escargot and truffles are on the menu too. Unfortunately, no Champagne!

10. Gold, various locations including London, New York, Dubai and many more

For the high rollers out there.

11. Lobsters, USA

Get your claws in to this lot…

12. Pints of beer, Japan

For when you can’t make it to the pub.

13. Cans of beer, Japan

For when you forgot your ID.

14. Flip-flops, Australia, Europe and Indonesia

When it’s a beach day and you’re wearing crocs.

15. Live beetles, Japan

In case you fancy a travelling companion on your trip in Japan.

16. Fresh veg, Japan

For 1 of your 5 a day.

17. Underwear, Japan

When your mum stops buying you undies.