3 new attractions opening in Canada this year

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Here are the three coolest attractions opening in Canada during 2013.

Here are the three coolest attractions opening in Canada during 2013.

Montreal Planetarium
Montreal Planetarium. Photo: La super Lili

Montreal Planetarium (Espace Pour La Vie) – open now

Space for Life (the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium) has opened up next to the Biodôme, Insectarium and Botanical Garden just east of downtown.

The high-tech building is instantly recognisable thanks to its two silver cones pointing skyward like telescopes.

Inside, there are two theatres. The Chaos Theatre features a journey to the stars, to an epic score by Philip Glass. The Milky Way Theatre will host a new production each season presented by an astronomer.

An interactive exhibition called EXO zeroes in on the search for life in the Universe through interactive terminals, videos and multimedia games. One section of the permanent exhibition focuses on meteorites with a real geology lab containing a vast collection of extra terrestrial rocks including the oldest known piece of the solar system.

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Virtual Flight (FlyOver Canada) – opens May 2013

FlyOver Canada Taking Off Spring 2013 from FlyOver Canada on Vimeo.

If you thought flight simulators were a thing of the 90s, think again. Thanks to advances in technology, FlyOver Canada is rebooting the experience for the 21st century.

No more than 60 people at a time will strap into seats for a thrilling virtual flight that takes in Canada’s grandeur from coast to coast.

The experience centres around spectacular fly bys captured using helicopters with front-mounted cameras by the award-winning Sherpas Cinema.

A large spherical screen will fill the viewer’s field of vision, while wind, scents, mist and a cacophony of sounds bombard his/her other senses, completing a powerful immersive effect.

FlyOver Canada is at Canada Place, Vancouver.

Shark Lagoon at Ripleys' Aquarium of Canada
Shark Lagoon at Ripleys’ Aquarium of Canada, Toronto. Photo: www.ripleyaquariums.com

Ripleys’ Aquarium of Canada – opens summer 2013

This brand new $130 million aquarium will soon be home to 13,500 exotic sea and freshwater creatures. Its major attraction will undoubtedly be a 96-metre long (315 foot) moving walkway that passes through an acrylic tunnel deep below a 2.84 million litre Shark Lagoon.

The Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is in the heart of downtown Toronto, next door to the iconic CN Tower.

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