Ah, the peace and calm of nature at its most wondrously green. Perfect for picnics with red chequered blankets and straw hampers… There are some more unusual parks out there though where you’ll forget the picnic and just wander around gawping and scratching your head.






Vigeland Sculpture Arrangement in Frogner Park – Oslo, Norway

The most popular tourist destination in Norway is also the best place to see bronze depictions of naked people fighting each other.

The sculptor Gustav Vigeland’s aim with his 212 statues was to show us the human condition – he’s certainly achieved that with Angry Boy: a massive baby having a tantrum.




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Memento Park – Budapest, Hungary

After the fall of Communism, the new Hungarian government decided to drag all the ideological statues of the period to a park on the outskirts of Budapest and keep them there as a faintly humorous reminder of the era. Fun for all the family!





Haesindang Park – Samcheok, South Korea

It’s a Freudian dream come true! We could try and explain a park full of smiling penises here, but once you realise it’s to appease the restless spirit of Auebawi (the legend of Auebawi and Haesindang) there’s really not much more to say.


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