4 famous walls

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Obviously the best wall ever is Wall-E of Disney Pixar fame, but you can’t visit a fictional character unfortunately… Here are some you can visit

Obviously the best wall ever is Wall-E of Disney Pixar fame, but you can’t visit a fictional character unfortunately. There are some real-life famous walls that should definitely be on your list to go see.

Lennon Wall, Prague
Lennon Wall, Prague. Photo: scarycurlgirl_photos
Lennon Wall
I loved you all. Photo: Mataparda

Lennon Wall – Prague, Czech Republic

This constantly changing wall of graffiti has been a site of artistic protest since the 1980s when the city was under Communist control. Today it still conveys hopeful messages for peace and a better life – as well as the odd picture of John Lennon.

The Western Wall
The Western Wall … the western retaining wall of the Temple Mount. Photo: infliv
Dome of the Rock, Western Wall
Dome of the Rock, Western Wall. Photo: leah.jones
Prayers in the Western Wall, Jerusalem
Prayers in the Western Wall, Jerusalem. Photo: beggs

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Wailing Wall – Jerusalem, Israel

What remains of the western wall of the Old City temple is one of the most sacred places in the Jewish religion. Every year, the faithful leave over a million paper notes with messages of prayer in-between the cracks of the stones.

Remains of the Berlin Wall
Remains of the Berlin Wall. Photo: photosteve101 / www.planetofsuccess.com/blog/
Remnants of the Berlin Wall
Photo: grahamhills
East Side Gallery
East Side Gallery is a 1.3 km long section of the Berlin Wall on Mühlenstraße in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. Photo: Poul-Werner

Berlin Wall – Berlin, Germany

It’s not clear how much longer what’s left of the Berlin Wall will be with us. Famously, you can buy small chunks of the wall as souvenirs, plus larger pieces of the wall are often sent overseas for display, while new construction developments in the city necessitate further dismantling of the remaining sections. It’s worth seeing this reminder of a dark period of history while you still can.

Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China. Photo: NomadFoto
Great Wall of China - Badaling
Great Wall of China – Badaling. Photo: Keith Roper
Great Wall of China
The Great Wall stretches for almost 7,000km from east to west of China. Photo: topgold

 Great Wall of China – China

The various sections of the longest wall in the world have been built and rebuilt for most of 2,500 years to keep pesky Mongolian invaders from entering China. Nowadays it’s mainly invaded by pesky tourists, but there are still parts where you won’t see anyone for miles.

(Featured image: John Lennon Wall by beggs)

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