4 great places to detox on a budget

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Lose the wrong pounds and keep the right ones at these hostels.

If you’ve been researching a detox plan for 2013, chances are you’ve encountered quite a few advertisements for pricey retreats.

But ridding yourself of the excesses of the festive season – indeed, any season for that matter – needn’t be expensive.

Staying in cheap accommodation in a lovely location can be just as cleansing as those strict, organised getaway regimes.

Lose the wrong pounds and keep the right ones at these four hostels.

Hat tip to Hi Hostels for the head up on these locations (they supplied the featured image of Botel Fortuna, above, too!).

YHA Lands End, Cornwall, England
YHA Lands End. Photo courtesy of www.yha.org.uk
Land’s End, Cornwall, England
Land’s End, Cornwall. Photo by tommmmmmmmm

YHA Lands End – Land’s End, England

Some private bedrooms at Lands End YHA command fine views of the Atlantic Ocean. Porth Nanven Beach and the South West Coast Path are both just a short walk away.

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Bungalows on Magnetic Island, 8km off Townsville, Queensland
Bungalows on Magnetic Island, 8km off Townsville, Queensland. Photo by serialc
Horseshoe Bay on Magnetic Island, Australia
Horseshoe Bay on Magnetic Island. Photo by Madeleine_H

Bungalow Bay Koala Village – Magnetic Island, Australia

Magnetic Island sits just five miles off the coast of Queensland.

The Bungalow Bay Koala Village sits within six-and-a-half acres of tropical surroundings near the island’s iconic Horseshoe Bay.

Nadi Bay Resort – Nadi, Fiji

Fijian sunset
Fijian sunset. Photo by Ed Bierman

You may have to splurge a little on the flights, but once in Fiji, treatments, food and accommodation are relatively affordable (and the sunsets, like the one above, are free).

Nadi Bay Resort is located just ten minutes from Nadi airport. An upmarket hostel, it’s got two pools, a restaurant, beach bar and its very own day spa.

A view of Budapest from the Fisherman's Bastion, Hungary
A view of Budapest from the Fisherman’s Bastion, Hungary. Photo by archer10 (Dennis)

Botel Fortuna – Budapest, Hungary

They say water’s therapeutic, so what could be better than sleeping on it – well, on a boat anyway.

The Botel Fortuna Hostel is a boat anchored in the Danube. Its en-suite cabins have views of the nearby Margit Island and the terrace is a great place to enjoy the stunning surroundings with a cocktail in hand.

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