4 time-lapse take offs and landings

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We find an airport becomes even more fascinating when viewed through time-lapse photography, and when there’s an epic soundtrack it’s even better!

We’re not sure why, but we find an airport becomes a much more fascinating spectacle when viewed through time-lapse photography – even more so, when set to an epic soundtrack.

Check out some of our favourite time-lapse airport videos below. Our featured image is by kanegen.

“Lego Airport” by Andrew Efimov Studio

Mixing time-lapse and tilt-shift photography, this beautiful film depicts the many faces of St Petersburg’s Pulkovo Airport – all the way from the taxi rank to the runway – in miniature.

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“London Heathrow Approach” by Cargospotter

In this four-minute video, Martin of Cargospotter shows how planes on approach for landing at Heathrow are lined up in a constant stream.

It also reveals how much crosswinds and turbulent airflows from preceding planes buffet jet airplanes. The time-lapse photography exaggerates this natural phenomenon, causing the planes to look toy-like.

“The Air Traffic” by Milton Tan

Shot in and around Changi Beach near Singapore’s Changi International Airport, this film portrays aircraft like fireflies darting across the night-sky.

“SFO Planes Landing” by TimeLapseBlog.com

This 14-second silent clip captures planes landing at San Francisco’s major airport as if they were fireworks launched from the sky towards the ground.

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