5 great, free travel apps for iPhone

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These free apps turn iPhones into handy travel companions

These free apps turn iPhones into handy travel companions.

TripIt - 5 great iPhone travel apps

Plan your trip – TripIt (free)
Feed TripIt all your booking and reservation confirmation emails and give it access to your calendar and the app will provide you a slick itinerary for your trip.

Google - 5 great iPhone travel apps

Make sense of foreign words – Google Translate (free)
We’re not going to pretend it’s grammatically perfect, but put a foreign restaurant menu item, road sign or phrase into Google Translate and you’ll get the general gist of things.

XE-Currency - 5 great iPhone travel apps

Convert Currency – XE Currency (free)
Crunching numbers in your head can be a real drag. With a couple of taps of your finger, the world’s leading currency converter will tell you the value of what you’re paying for.

iPhone - 5 great iPhone travel apps

Keep in touch – Skype (free)
Sure, the iPhone already has FaceTime, but not everyone you know has an Apple device (their loss).

Foodspotting - 5 great iPhone travel apps

Feed – Foodspotting (free)

Feeling hungry? If you’re in a major city, Foodspotting helps you see what dishes are available nearby – not just in restaurants but in places like bakeries and street vendors too. And when we say “see”, we mean it – other users have uploaded images of the dishes they’ve recommended.

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