5 great activities in Australia

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Australia has some of the most pristine natural habitats in the world. Check out these five great wildlife immersion activities.

Australia has some of the most pristine natural habitats in the world. Check out these five great wildlife immersion activities.

Great white shark, South Australia
Great white shark

Shark cage diving – Eyre Peninsula

Rodney Fox is a renowned photographer, film-maker and researcher in wildlife circles. He’s also credited with inventing shark cage diving.

His company, Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions (RFSE), runs a two-night marine wildlife tour that includes surface cage shark dives (no diving experience necessary), snorkelling with sea lions off Hopkins Island and a jaunt out to Neptune Islands Conservation Park, home to fur seals, dolphins, whales and countless seabirds.

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Tarkine, South Australia
Tarkine, South Australia

Rainforest exploring – Tarkine

The Tarkine in Tasmania’s northwest is one of the last remaining temperate rainforests on the planet. The Tarkine Trails provide access to some of its most remote corners. Visitors can stay deep within the depths of the forest at the Tarkine Rainforest Retreat.

The ecologically sensitive yet comfortable set-up of permanent tents act as a base camp for walkers looking to explore what is, the last stronghold of the Tasmanian devil. Visitors are encouraged to assist in their conservation through monitoring and replacing films in motion sensor cameras.

Wildlife walking tour – Margaret River wine region

While the lure of this region’s most famous produce is difficult to resist, daylight hours are best spent admiring the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park. Just a two-hour drive from Perth, this protected stretch of Western Australian coastline is nothing short of spectacular.

There are a number of guided tours that showcase the landscape and wildlife of this region. Think deserted beaches, land-based whale watching and cavernous caves.

Whale shark - South Australia
Whale shark

Swim with the largest fish in the world – Ningaloo Reef

The whale shark can grow up to 60 feet in length. From late March to July each year, Ningaloo Reef, a pristine reef system stretching over 160 miles, is one of the most reliable places to spot these gentle giants.

Exmouth Diving Centre uses spotter plans and agile boats to steer divers and snorkellers in the right direction. The World Heritage Ningaloo Reef is also home to turtles, clownfish, snapper, angelfish, mantra rays and dolphins.

Bruny Island, Tasmania
Bruny Island, Tasmania. Photo: CazzJj

Island weekend retreat – Bruny Island

The size of Singapore, but with a human population of just 600, Bruny Island is one of Tasmania’s most beguiling and breathtaking offshore islands. The Bruny Island Long Weekend, a luxury three-day guided food, wine and walking tour, is one of the best ways to experience it.

Up to eight guests depart Hobart by catamaran, spend three days exploring the island, getting up close and personal with its wildlife and dining like royalty before returning to Hobart by seaplane.

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