Thoughts of Morocco inevitably turn towards Marrakech. But there’s a lot more to Morocco than the hectic, land-locked Ochre City. Here are five of the North African Kingdom’s best coastal resorts. Our featured image by



Tangier/Tetouan – for artists and surfers

The likes of Paul Bowles, Allen Ginsberg and Matisse have all hung out and taken inspiration here. The laid back, chic downtown is only a 30-minute drive from the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean to the west (surfers flock to the impressive waves found off Cape Spartel), and the Mediterranean to the east (crystal clear inlets and tranquil beaches are found beyond the Cap Malabata). Small traditional boats sit on the Oued Laou beach, while the Cabo Negro is deservedly renowned for scenic horseback rides.





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Dakhla – for nature lovers and adrenaline junkies

The bay of Dakhla remains one of Morocco’s best-kept secrets. The region surrounding this little fishing port – known for its sublime blue lagoon and immense sand dunes, ideal for observing migratory birds, seals and dolphins – is slated to be protected as a national park. The predictable winds and constant water temperature of 25°C (77°F) make Dakhla a paradise for wind- and kite-surfers.





Essaouira Mogador – for culture lovers

Essaouira’s seaside citadel and medina are listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. The sustainably designed, high-end Mogador resort makes an ideal base from which to explore this ancient city.



Mediterrania Saïdia – for families

The next-generation resort of Saïdia, situated right bedside the Algerian border, is known for its beautifully maintained beaches, protected natural environment and shaded parks. The wide-open spaces, long sandy beach and calm waters are ideal for families looking for a mix of relaxation and excitement.







Casablanca – for city slickers

Sleepy beach resorts aren’t for everyone. Enter Morocco’s largest city, Casablanca. Why visit here? Glorious Art Deco buildings; pavement cafes dotted along the palm-tree lined Boulevard d’Anfa; the hustle and bustle of Aïn-Diab Corniche, the city’s premier meeting spot. Pristine golf courses, luxury hotels and yachting are all found in Mohammedia, a short drive along the coast.


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