6 Tips for staying in Paris on a budget

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In a city that’s known for its glamour, history and fashion, Paris has a diverse range of extravagant hotels dotted throughout each arrondissements, but it also offers plenty of options for the bargain-hunter. Before you book a room or apartment, take note of these budget-savvy accommodation tips.

1. Travel in August

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Travel to Paris in August and you’re likely to get cheaper accommodation rates. With most French inhabitants heading to the beach for a minimum of two weeks, accommodation prices dive to get people filling rooms. Hunt around on sites like booking.com for hotel accommodation and book in advance to save.

2. Stay central but away from major sites

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It’s important to stay central and within the Paris ring road to ensure metro tickets or taxi fares are kept to a minimum, if you find can’t walk somewhere. Steering clear of accommodation near tourist attractions will mean that not only will you save, but you’ll get to experience the authentic side of Paris. For a real Parisian experience try the 10th, 17th or northern end of the 9th arrondissement.  

3. Try Airbnb or Couchsurfing

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With a loyal following singing the praises of both sites, if you haven’t tried out Airbnb or Couchsurfing now is the time. Stay in a quaint apartment in Le Marais or crash on a Parisian’s comfy couch. An extra bonus to this style of holiday accommodation, is that most people who rent out their spaces on these sites are interested in meeting new people and are more than happy to divulge local-in-the-know Paris travel tips. Score!

4. Don’t touch the minibar

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If you are staying in a hotel, repeat after me: “the mini-bar is the enemy”. If its cold ways are going to tempt you, the best move is to empty its contents into a cupboard and then beeline to the supermarket. Stock up on water, wine, softdrink, chocolate and whatever else you crave, and fill those empty fridge shelves with food that won’t break your budget.

5. Ditch the hotel breakfast

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Say “non” to breakfast-included packages. With a boulangerie (aka a bakery) found on every second street corner and local brasseries offering petit déjeuner (pastry and a coffee) for under €7, it’s not worth getting the same in a hotel for twice the price. A welcome perk of not dining at your accommodation is that you’ll get to try a different spot each day.

6. Travel with a partner or friend

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Travelling with a sidekick instantly halves any costs. Plus, single rooms in Paris are tiny. So, if you’ve got a travel partner pitching in, why not grab a double room, or an apartment!?

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