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The major carriers’ offerings

Use our handy table to compare the extra charges of the main airlines in the UK. If you know you’re going to want in-flight entertainment, make sure you add these charges on first to get a realistic idea of the true cost of your ticket.

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Airline Head set Entertainment
Air Berlin Bring your own or purchase from the cabin crew for €3, free on long-haul flights TV, radio and complimentary newspapers and magazines on all flights. Films on flights longer than four hours. On long-haul flights movies, music videos and short film reports are screened.
Air Canada Bring your own or buy a pair for $3 CAD/USD on Canadian, US, Caribbean, Mexican and Hawaiian flights. Headphones are offered free of charge on all international flights. Personal touch screen TV with more than 600 hours of on-demand entertainment including moves, TV shows, radio and music albums.
Air France Free Full entertainment programme on long-haul flights.
Aer Lingus Free Personal monitor showing films, TV and games on all long-haul flights. Cara in-flight magazine.
Alitalia Free Wide range of programming – films, radio, music. Ability to call other passengers, free of charge. LCD screens on B767. Video on Demand system on B777.
British Airways Free Personal monitors playing movies, TV, audio and games.
Cathay Pacific Free Personal monitors playing movies, TV, CDs and radio.
easyJet No None, apart from Traveller, the in-flight magazine.
Emirates Free Personal monitors playing movies, TV, audio and games.
Flybe No Just the in-flight magazine Flybe Uncovered.
Germanwings No None, apart from the in-flight magazine GW.
Iberia Free Personal monitors playing movies, audio and games.
Jet2 £7.50 for handheld player Digital media players booked for certain routes playing movies, TV and music.
KLM Free Personal monitor with movies, TV, games, CDs, audio books and language courses.
Lufthansa Free Personal monitor playing movies, TV, radio.
Monarch Free Available on all long-haul flights (TV or films). Limited entertainment on medium-haul flights.
Qantas Free Personal monitor with movies, TV, audio books, music and games.
Ryanair No None.
SWISS Free Personal monitors with movies, TV, music, radio and games on long-haul flights.
Thomson Depends on class Passengers may bring their own electronic devices. In Economy club and Premium club, TVs are provided on long-haul flights.
Virgin Atlantic Free Personal monitors with movies, tv, music videos, radio and games.
Wizz Air No None, apart from the in-flight magazine.
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