Airport Guide to Okecie (WAW)

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Airport Name

Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport

Airport Location

The airport is located 10km (6 miles) southwest
of Warsaw.






+48 (0)22 650 1000 or +48 (0)22 650 3000

Airport Overview

Terminal Transfer | Getting into Town | Car ParkingInformation Desks | Airport Facilities

Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport is just 10km (6 miles) from the centre of Warsaw, and is the primary airport for Poland, serving nearly nine million passengers per year.

LOT Polish Airlines and EuroLOT offer plenty of flights to Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport as they use this facility as their regional hub. The airport also has plenty of flights connecting it to various cities across Europe as well as Istanbul, Casablanca, Reykjavik, Tel Aviv, Minsk, Kiev and Moscow.

Passengers with time to spend at Chopin Airport will be pleasantly surprised as there’s a lot to do. The business lounges are great and the shopping and restaurant facilities can keep a person happily entertained. Also, the airport has a number of kid-friendly facilities and shops.

Warsaw’s airport is easy to navigate with both terminals housed in the same building. The airport is also well served by public transport and taxis, making it easy to get to and from your hotel.

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Terminal Transfer

Although there are two terminals, they’re both in the same building so terminal transfers are quick and easy.

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Getting into Town

Bus: The bus terminal is on the arrivals level alongside the airport in front of the terminal’s south pier. The five public buses transporting passengers from the airport to various parts of the city, including the city centre, are Nos. 148, 175, 188, 575 and the N32 night bus. The night bus runs between the airport and the central railway station between 11:09pm and 4:39am. The daytime buses tend to run from 4:35am and 11:27pm, but each bus has a slightly different schedule. Buses with numbers between 400 and 499 are fast buses, while the rest are regular buses. Bus tickets are calculated according to zones, tickets start at PLN 2.80 (about £0.60).

Taxis: The three taxi companies recommended by the airport are Ele Sky Taxi, Super Taxi and Sawa Taxi. Reputable taxis generally display their tariffs. The approximate fare from Warsaw Airport into the city centre is PLN 40 (about £8). Taxis can be found by approaching the taxi desk in arrivals next to the information desk.

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Car Parking

The airport has four parking areas: P1, P2, P3 and P4. P1 and P2 are located in the multilevel short-stay parking garage. P3 is a short-stay, outdoor car park, while P4 is outdoors and is for passengers wishing to park for longer periods. Fees for P1 and P2 are PLN 8 (£1.60) per hour for the first three hours and PLN 10 (£2) per hour thereafter up to a daily rate of PLN 74 (£15). Lot P3 is slightly cheaper and starts at PLN 6 (about £1) per hour for the first three hours. Like P1 and P2 it is PLN 10 (£2) per hour for each hour after the initial three hours. Daily rates are PLN 68 (£14) and are charged after eight hours. The long-stay car park, P4, costs PLN 10 per hour for the first five hours and thereafter the daily rate applies. The first day’s parking is PLN 50 (£10), but the rate decreases to PLN 30 (approximately £6) for two to three days, PLN 15 (£3) for up to seven days and PLN 10 per day thereafter. P1 and P2 are directly across from the terminal and P3 and P4 are opposite the bus station, which is alongside the terminal in front of the terminal’s south pier.

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Information Desks

There are a couple of information desks on the arrivals level, some cater for transferring passengers as the transfer process can be a little tricky, particularly when working out Schengen and non-Schengen zones. The best information desk to use in arrivals is the one located near the exit and next to the currency exchange and taxi desk. The information desk on the departures level is centrally located near the escalators. Some staff members speak great English, while others are much less fluent.

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Airport Facilities

Money and communications: There is a bank in the Departures hall, and bureaux de change and ATMs in both Arrivals and Departures. There is also a post office in the Departures hall.

Eating and drinking: Airport catering services include a restaurant and snack bars, ice-cream stands and self-service cafeterias.

Shopping: Shops include duty-free.

Luggage: There is a left-luggage service in the Arrivals hall, open 24 hours a day. A lost luggage service is also available (tel: +48 (0)22 650 4122).

Other facilities: These include a first aid medical centre, mother and baby rooms, a chapel and an observation deck.

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