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Philadelphia International Airport

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The airport is located 11km (7 miles) from






+1 215 937 6937

Airport Overview

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Philadelphia International Airport is the largest airport in Pennsylvania and an international hub for US Airways. It’s also the main gateway to Philadelphia and Pennsylvania generally.

Philadelphia itself, affectionately known as Philly, is often referred to as “the Birthplace of America”. With a rich and varied history, it’s the fifth-largest city in the US, and has a metropolitan area spanning 12 counties. As a result the atmosphere, architecture and demographic varies quite widely depending on which area you travel to, from up-market art and design centres and historic quarters to working-class areas and quiet, leafy suburbs.

The airport is one of the busiest in the world. It has seven terminals, two of which are international terminals, and more than 160 shops and eateries. The immigration counters are notorious for being understaffed and poorly organised and long queues are common, so if you’re catching a connecting flight, make sure you arrive well in advance.

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Terminal Transfer

Each terminal arm is connected via a long concourse. Terminal A-West and Terminal A-East are next to each other and are the international terminals, while Terminals B, C, D, E and F are domestic terminals. It’s a long walk between terminals, so it’s probably a good idea to catch a bus if you’re going from one end to the other.

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Getting into Town

Train: The SEPTA train has three stations and four stops along the length of the terminal building. You get there from the pedestrian walkway between the terminal and the baggage-claim areas in Terminals A-East, B, C, D and E. The train runs every half hour from about 4:30am to 11:30pm. It costs $7 to get from any of the stations to the centre of Philadelphia, although tickets are slightly cheaper if bought after hours, from the central station in town, or in the airport.

Shuttle: Several hotels in the area offer free shuttle services.

Taxi: Taxis charge a flat rate of $28.50 to downtown Philadelphia.

Bus: The SEPTA buses 37, 108 and 115 travel to various central stops in Philadelphia. Tickets cost $2 with a transfer fee of $1. You’ll need exact change.

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Car Parking

There’s a new cell phone waiting area with free parking, as long as you remain in the car, which is a mere one-minute drive to the terminals. Simply follow the signs from the highway. Otherwise, you have a few parking options – there are car parks at the entrance to each terminal. The short-term car parks (ground level, below the garages), costs $4 for 30 minutes, and $2 for every half hour thereafter, with a flat rate of $40 after three-and-a-half hours. For overnight parking, you’ll need to head for the garages, which have a similar pricing structure for the first few hours but cost $20 a day. For long-term parking or if you’ll be at the airport for more than a few hours, head for the economy car park, which has a flat daily rate of $11. There are shuttle buses to take you to the terminals from the long-term car parks.

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Information Desks

There are general information desks in the ticketing sections of each terminal, where you can go for general airport and flight information, worldwide airport information and weather conditions, and queries you may have. The Communications Centre, between Terminal C and Terminal D, offers general airport information and language assistance, and also has a lost property desk.

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Airport Facilities

Money and communications: ATMs, telephones and mail boxes throughout the airport. Currency exchange at Travelex in Terminals A and D.

Luggage: There is a non-refundable free of $4 to use the luggage carts.

Conference and business: There’s a UPS store between Terminal A and Terminal B that offers mail, fax and photocopy services, and has computers with Internet access. There are also a number of semi-private workstations throughout the building, each with a worktable, plug points and a pay telephone.

Other facilities: Philadelphia International has a number of “pet relief” areas with 4-inch-deep (10cm) mulch and complimentary waste disposal bags.

Wi-Fi: Free Wi-Fi throughout the airport.

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