Australia to make it easier for potential migrants to get a visa

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Australia is conducting one of its biggest migration drives in 40 years and Brits will find it easier to get set up

For anyone thinking about moving to the land Down Under, now could be the perfect time – the Australian government has announced plans to make it considerably easier for migrants to obtain a visa.

Australia has long been a popular destination for Brits, whether it’s simply for a holiday or to live and work. The stunning natural scenery, gorgeous weather and good quality of life make it an attractive proposition.

Obtaining a work visa for Australia has always been a long and complicated process, but the Australian government is set to make things a little easier.

“Australia is conducting one of its biggest migration drives in 40 years,” said Paul Arthur, director of leading migration specialists The Emigration Group.

“The reduction of the pass mark is part of this initiative, which will make it easier for Brits to get a visa to live and work down under.”

The current pass mark for point-tested skilled migrants hoping to make the move down under is currently 65, but this will be reduced to 60 by Australia’s Immigration Department on July 1, in a bid to bring more skilled workers to the country.

“For anyone considering emigration now is the perfect time, there are substantial job opportunities in Australia and with the correct help an excellent chance of making a successful visa application,” said Mr Arthur.

The Immigration Department is also launching an initiative called the SkillSet Scheme, which will make it easier for Brits to apply for a visa even if they don’t have a sponsor.

Anyone interested will need to fill out an “Expression of Interest form”, before being assessed on their attributes and skills. Any successful applicants will then be asked to submit a skilled visa application.

“It’s not just the great career and business opportunities Australia offers, it’s regarded as one of the best countries in the world for quality of life,” added Mr Arthur.

“The country offers a combination of affordable housing, stunning scenery, fantastic weather and a much better work / life balance. All this is a strong pull for Brits looking for a change of lifestyle.”

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