Best graffiti art in Paris

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Parisians call it le graff. Here’s a selection of images

Paris may be famous for its landmarks – the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Notre Dame. But for anyone planning on getting around the French capital this autumn there is a different type of sight you should keep an eye out for: graffiti art or le graff as Parisians call it.

While cities such as London have spent a lot of time and money over the last few years removing graffiti, particularly from Olympic routes and sites, many parts of Paris are adorned with some very good and inventive graffiti.

In fact, one area of Paris, the 20th arrondissement, has done more than turn a blind eye to le graff, it is almost actively encouraging graffiti: there are graffiti zones in the area and a new community centre planned to open in the district in 2014 will be dedicated to graffiti and music (wonder if any of this playlist will feature?).

Wall art Paris - Obercampf
Wall art along Oberkampf, a trendy part of Paris with a good nightlife.

Wherever you go in Paris you can see some great graffiti art. Photographer Daniel Laskowski, who moved to Paris from England in May and runs the website, took this collection of photographs from Paris street life over the summer months.

“I moved to Paris from England over the summer and I was immediately intrigued by the graffiti and art that you can find on the streets of the city,” he says.

“Paris may well be the home to the Mona Lisa, but anyone visiting the city this autumn should certainly keep an eye out for these fantastic works of art that you can find on many a street corner.”

Wall art Paris - Centre Pompidou
Le Graff … Some interesting graffiti near the Pompidou Centre, Paris
Wall art Paris - Marais
An interesting piece of wall art in Le Marais, an historic district in Paris
Wall art Paris - Latin Quarter
Not to be outdone, the Latin Quarter throws up some inventive art work too.

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