Brits still taking holidays despite crunch

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Brits who are worried about the recession will cut back on almost anything except for their prized summer holidays, a new study by easyJet has shown.

The research found that seven out of ten people cannot bring themselves to give up their fortnight in the sun, opting instead for a raft of penny-scrimping tactics.

First for the chop is take-away coffee, with 88 per cent of respondents saying they could happily do without their morning injection of caffeine.

A further 72 per cent voiced willingness to cut back on nights out with friends, while a similar proportion leant towards taking a packed lunch to work.

Commenting on the findings, easyJet spokesman Paul Simmons said: “People are definitely assessing their spending habits and looking at ways to make their pennies go further in 2009.”

He concluded: “The survey demonstrates that people are cutting back on everyday luxuries to ensure they can still fund their annual summer holiday.”

Among those still planning a break, 60 per cent have already booked their trip while the remaining 40 per cent are holding out for a last-minute deal.

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