Camping in London during the Olympic Games

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For £10 per person per night (£5 for kids) you can pitch your tent in a convenient location in the city. Bargain!

Are you one of the lucky few who’ve gotten their hands on some Olympics tickets but don’t live in London? If you are, it would be a crying shame to only drop into the city for the day.

London’s an incredible place full-stop. But during the Olympics it will be alive with a special atmosphere generated by the Games itself, the one-off events and exhibitions scheduled to coincide with the sporting jamboree, and the vast number of international visitors looking to be a part of the once-in-a-lifetime party.

Trouble is – and let’s be frank, this is an issue regardless of the Games – the cost of accommodation in London is eye-wateringly high!

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Thankfully, for those who’d rather spend their money on exploring the city and having a good time than on the place they rest their head at night, there is a cheap option – camping.

The Camping at the Games  initiative has sorted out ten sports clubs across London (and other Olympic venues such as Weymouth) that are willing to turn their precious playing fields into temporary campsites.

For £10 per person per night (£5 for kids) you can pitch your tent in a convenient location in the city. So, if two adults camp for three nights they’ll pay a total of £60. Good luck trying to find a hotel or hostel for that kind of money! In fact, if you do, avoid it – it must be a scam!

Those new to sleeping under canvas can hire a pre-erected four-person tent for an additional £25 a night. All campsites will have ample toilet and shower facilities, as well as access to drinking water.

While the sports clubs are still finalising their offerings, it’s likely that some will open cafes and bars. Some may even have big screens showing the Olympics, and some will probably have BBQs in the evenings.

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