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More and more couples are getting married abroad, beating the British climate and higher costs.

It is always an exciting time when you sit down to plan where you want to go on holiday. Thoughts of sun, sea and sand whisk you away to paradise. However, this excitement cannot compare to what a bride must be feeling as she explores overseas destinations for her wedding.

More and more couples are leaving the temperamental British weather behind in order to get married, whether that be to Europe or beyond. Recent research from insurance company LV= says that one in six couples now get hitched overseas. This is an increase of almost 20 per cent compared to a decade ago. During the past five years, 280,000 people have grabbed their passports and jetted off to foreign lands for their perfect day.

To celebrate these findings, the Cheapflights team has put together a fun eBook: Getting Married Abroad.

We have called upon the wedding industry’s top names to share their expert advice. Contributors include the editors of top magazines and websites, such as Hitched, Confetti, The Wedding Girl’s SOS and the Ultimate Wedding Magazine. In the guide, we will also explore what to look for in a photographer, as well as discussing our favourite celebrity overseas weddings.

The eBook contains a gallery of top overseas wedding destinations, and is introduced by  Wedding Ideas magazine’s Rachel Morgan.

If you are planning on getting married abroad it is a must-read. Happy planning!

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