Cinco de Mayo celebrations around the world

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Unlikely places to mark the day include Brisbane, Malta and the Cayman Islands

Cinco de Mayo falls this weekend. While it’s not much celebrated in the UK, Mexico, the US and some other, surprising, destinations go big on 5 May.

Brisbane, Australia


You may not think Australia has much to do with Mexican heritage, but the Aussies love an excuse for a party.

In Brisbane, the occasion is marked with a Mexican festival. With beer, plenty of wine, and live music around the city, Brisbane certainly does its best to bring a bit of Mexican flavour Down Under.

Cayman Islands, Caribbean

Cayman Islands

If you thought celebrating Cinco de Mayo thousands of miles away in Australia was odd enough, in the Cayman Islands they go all out with a 5k race and, afterwards, feasting on Mexican specialities.



Cinco de Mayo may pass most of Europe by, but not in Malta. The Mediterranean country takes the opportunity on 5 May to hold some celebrations of its own

So if you head to Malta this weekend, expect to drink plenty of Mexican beer and enjoy a fiesta or two in the local bars.

(Images: dbking, Stuart Edwards, Visa1410, William Shewring)

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