Family-friendly fun in the mountains

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For those who plan to travel with their family to a ski resort in the Alps, here are some quick tips on choosing wisely

It is always a great idea to ensure that one chooses a ski resort that is ideal for a family holiday. There are a lot of really nice and charming ski resorts in the Alps (like this one, photographed by girolame), but in order to enjoy holidaying with children (especially young children) it makes more sense to choose a family-friendly resort. Here are just a couple of points to be considered when choosing a suitable family friendly ski resort:

Chalet Notre Dame de la Croix
Chalet Notre Dame de la Croix. Photo by Jerome Bon


A good family-friendly resort will provide top quality accommodation that will be ideal for a family of three and more. Some resorts offer separate bathrooms for parents and kids, big living space and lots of running-around room. Those travelling with a posse of kids should consider choosing a resort that offers quality bedding – this is important especially if one of the children has allergic reactions to certain types of bedding. Child-friendly chalets are usually furnished with non-sharp objects and other furnishing that could harm young children. Some chalets come with a dedicated playroom, so that parents can be sure that their kids are in well equipped and safe environment suited to meet their needs.


Food is another major consideration when choosing a family-friendly resort. Children will not want to eat all the grown-up stuff, so it is always better to choose a ski resort that offers a menu of healthy, nutritious, and delicious child-friendly foods and snacks. More advice on a healthy diet and nutrition can be found at

Babysitting services

For those travelling with really young children, choosing a ski resort in the Alps that offers babysitting services is very important. This way, parents can partake in other grown-up activities and be sure that their little one(s) is in safe hands.

Ski activities for kids
Ski activities for kids. Photo by Tycka

What about pets?

Some families cannot bear the thought of having to leave their pet behind when they go on holiday. For holidaymakers who wish to travel with the family pet, a family-friendly and pet-friendly resort will be an ideal choice.

Activities for children

Aside from the obvious skiing activity, a good family-friendly resort will offer other fun activities for children to partake in. When the children are inside, they should have a variety of stimulating games to keep them busy. Some of these activities may utilise supplies of craft and art materials, so that the kids can make great use of their imaginations.

Choosing the right family-friendly resort will make any family holiday a truly memorable one. For more information on accommodation visit

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