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The latest instalment in our series of posts that look at the world of travel through the eyes of a fashion lover

Everyone has their own reasons for travelling. Whether it’s to try new foods, experience a new culture or to simply enjoy the world from a different view. A big part of travel for some people is fashion. Your local environment can really influence your style and when you travel to new places, the way the people dress can say a lot about the locals. This is the latest instalment in our series of posts that look at the world of travel through the eyes of a fashion lover.


Laia is a 21-year-old fashion design student and freelance stylist from Barcelona. In love with the 1920s, 1950s and 1960s, the colour pink, and everything French, she named her blog Let me feel like a doll because of how fashion makes her feel free and happy.

Cristina and Núria, two friends from Barcelona, share their love for life, fashion and everything related to its world. They created Barcelona Brunettes a year and a half ago as a way to express the way they feel about the things they like and, of course, about their city!

Eva is a student and fashion blogger since 2011 and spends most of her time taking good care of Happiness Everywhere.

What is fashion to you?

Laia:I have a pretty close relationship with fashion; sometimes I think it’s too close. I’ve been raised in a family that worked in the industry, my mother used to run a shop and my grandfather an embroidery workshop. I’ve known what I wanted to do since I was 13 and now fashion is a very big part of my lifestyle. I study fashion, I love planning my outfits and I spend way too much time going through fashion websites for inspiration and admiring the collections of my favourite designers. It’s also my way to express my identity and the different moods I can be in. Fashion made me the person I am today.

Cristina and Núria: It’s one of the most bold and obvious ways in which you can express who you are and how you feel. Fashion is surrounding us so it is almost impossible to avoid!

Eva: It started just like a hobby, and now it’s a passion for me. I see fashion everywhere, in magazines, movies, on the street. It’s like I’m breathing it. It inspires me and gives me ideas for my blog. I think that fashion for me is the definition of happiness and art.

Barcelona Brunettes
Barcelona Brunettes

How does Barcelona inspire your style?

Laia: I don’t really know if it does inspire my style a lot but I have to admit that this summer it has. I’ve read recently that Barcelona is the European Los Angeles. It shows how vibrant and everchanging Barcelona is. Barcelona has this urban style and we also have a beautiful beach. In terms of style, this perfect combination is really exciting as you can mix up your style loads and stay on trend. This season I have to admit that I’ve been very influenced by the carefree vibe.

Cristina and Núria: Barcelona is full of interesting and amazing spots to inspire you, and they are all so different! From haute couture to retail, everyone can find something.

Eva: In Barcelona, you can dress as you want and nobody will judge you. It’s a city with an incredible mix of styles. I think Barcelona is that one city where you can find amazing and unique piece of clothes in random shops and also other kind of shops with more expensive items.

What item you always take with you on holidays?

Laia: My camera, always! Sometimes I take more pictures and sometimes less but I love having my life documented in images so I can live beautiful moments over and over again. I think I won’t be the only one to say that holidays are the best times of the year.

Cristina and Núria::  A cute little dress, a pair of comfy and high heels and loads of good vibes!!


Eva: I always take a pair of heels or stiletto for nights out. You never know!

Your fashion tip for holidays?

Laia: Barcelona is a city with many different things to discover, as I’ve mentioned before you have the beach, ruins from the Roman Empire, a lot of Gothic architecture and the Modernism which is quite famous around here, so I don’t think it has a defined style like, for example, Paris does. The weather here is pretty warm in winter and very hot in summer, so my advice is to get a very good pair of sunglasses, this is not a rainy place at all.

Cristina and Núria: If you are planning to visit Barcelona, wear whatever you like but don’t forget to put accessorise your outfit to make it stand out!

Eva: The weather in Barcelona is very warm in summer, so you should bring a hat, and sunglasses.

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