Fathers’ Day in London – how to make Dad happy

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It’s time to pay back all those tenners he lent, lifts he gave and piggybacks he suffered

To all those people who think that Father’s Day is a problem solved by a quick visit to Tie Rack or the wine section at Tesco, think again. Neither an archaic fashion accessory, nor a bottle of plonk makes a fitting tribute to the man who’s played the challenging role of Dad in your life!

It’s time to pay back all those tenners he lent (never to see again), lifts he gave (to places he didn’t want to go) and piggybacks he suffered (that have left his spine crippled). And that means hanging out while doing something you both enjoy. Here are a few ideas for celebrating Father’s Day this Sunday in London.

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Culture – British Design 1948–2012: Innovation in the Modern Age @ the V&A Museum

The V&A celebrates the British design that’s shaped the world since the 1948 “Austerity Games” (the last time London hosted the Olympics). At least one of the 300 design objects is bound to prompt youthful reminisces from your Dad – just try hard not to make any of those all too easy age-related gags.

Sport – Tour @ Wembley

Since England didn’t screw up qualifying for the Euros this time, our (almost) biannual football-based patriotism has been reawakened – at least until Tuesday. If your Dad’s a football fan, take him on a tour of Wembley, before crossing town to the Famous 3 Kings to catch the final games in Euro 2012’s “group of death”.

Eat – Roast @ King Edward VII

It’s Sunday and Fathers’ Day … in other words, not a day to break with tradition. Enjoy that most family-oriented of British institutions, a Sunday Roast at the King Edward VII pub in Stratford. Your Dad will be chuffed to bits with one of this den of antiquity’s two traditional roasts and malty house bitters (okay, a few of its malty house bitters).

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