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Booking a holiday does not have to be a luxury. You can save money on your flights and accommodation by simply doing some research before you book. Cheapflights.co.uk allows you to compare cheap flights and save money as we offer holiday buyers an independent and impartial guide to the best prices from hundreds of flight and travel companies.

Flight comparison should be the first step for any holiday planner on a budget. Comparing flight prices from every airline or travel provider will ensure you get the best deal as well as avoid any unnecessary costs such as inflight meals, additional add-ons and surcharges. Travel comparison allows you to identify all these additional flights costs and avoid them. Choosing a budget airline may seem like an attractive option but you need to keep a close eye on the baggage allowance and the costs of exceeding that allowance. You may save money on flights but hidden charges exist and they may not be written on your paperwork. If an airline checks your hand luggage at the gate and it is overweight staff have the right to charge you extra to stow the baggage in the cabin so be aware.

Before you compare flights, you need to work out the details of your holiday. However, be mindful of being too be too rigid when it comes to choosing flight days, times and airports. Being too particular could ramp up prices. Be flexible on the day you travel and take advantage of the best travel deals online. You could also reap the financial bargains of opting for a last-minute holiday but be aware that you’re not always guaranteed to get the getaway you are looking for.

The key thing to remember is that no one company will ever be the cheapest every time. Compare cheap flights and be sure to match like with like. Low cost airlines may have the reputation of rock bottom prices but mainstream airlines also have a range of great offers. That is why we have created several handy comparison tables in our Travel Tips section to show the cost of extras such as meals, in-flight entertainment and choosing your own airplane seat.

Smart travellers are also saving money by searching for the best-value holiday destinations. Before you book your cheap flight, look at the value of the British pound. Looking outside the pricey Eurozone could save you even more money and open up new destinations such as Turkey, Egypt and long-haul destinations in Asia. Searching for a cheap weekend city break is also a money-saving option. Short visits to some of the world’s most beautiful cities can still provide you with lots of sun, culture and memories.

By following a few simple tips, you could save money on your flights with Cheapflights.co.uk. With great travel prices with airlines such as British Airways, easyJet, Ryanair and BMI, the online travel agent Expedia and many other companies, you’re sure get a great deal when you search and compare flight prices.

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