Follow Friday: 5 San Francisco Tweeps to follow

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This week, for #FollowFriday we’re going back to where it all began – San Francisco

Each Friday, we’re listing 5 “tweeps” we think will satisfy your hankering for travel inspiration and wisdom. In this our ninth instalment, we’re sharing the feeds that will help you make the most out your next trip to San Francisco – the birthplace of Twitter.

Remember, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and Las Vegas have all received the Cheapflights #FollowFriday treatment – be sure to check them out if you haven’t already.

@CitysearchSF Sometimes, when trying to find something to do, all you need is that simple, run-of-the-mill listings website. And we’ve got to say, when it comes to San Francisco event news and restaurant reviews you’ll do well to find anything better than Citysearch SF.

@freesanfran Regular readers of our #FF feature will know we enjoy a good deal aggregator. Free San Francisco seeks out and pools every SF-related tweet detailing a free event or giveaway. In the past week alone we’ve seen free movie tickets, music shows and coffee, proving this feed is well worth a follow.

@streetfoodsf San Fran has a load of awesome street food vendors – The Creme Brûlée Man being the perfect example. There’s so many in fact, you could probably eat three square meals a day for an entire week from San Fran’s kerbsides, no problem! Trouble is, all these kitchens are roving constantly – we’d say getting a hold of a street vendor’s location is pretty integral to eating their food! Luckily, the good people of the SF Street Food Fest have set up a feed that’ll help you keep track.

@eatersf Okay, so chances are you’re not actually going to eat all your meals by the side of the road, no matter how vibrant the streets are. With everything foodie from new opening alerts to restaurant reviews, Eater SF is a great place for a heads up on the latest culinary happenings in the city.

@SFBART & @kcbstraffic What’s the use of visiting a city if you can’t get around it? Stay up to date with the state of both the Area Rapid Transit system’s service, and the local traffic.

Honourable mentions…

@SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art), @SFist (online SF-oriented magazine) and @SF_FilmSociety (San Francisco Film Society).

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