#FollowFriday: five Tweeps to follow today

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No matter how savvy you are, there’s always another destination, experience, tip or deal to be discovered

Twitter can be a great resource for travel inspiration, especially if you follow the right people. No matter how travel savvy you are, there’s always another destination, experience, tip or deal to be discovered.

Regular users of Twitter will be familiar with #FF or #FollowFriday. For this Friday-regular hashtag meme, members of the Twittersphere recommend users they feel are worthy of a follow.

Each Friday, we’re going to list five “tweeps” we think will satisfy your hankering for travel inspiration. And if there’s an account you think we ought to be following, please do share it with us @Cheapflights.

If you’re still new to Twitter, make sure you read Cheapflights’ tips for getting the best from the social networking site. And don’t forget to follow @Cheapflights for your daily dose of all things travel.

@CNTraveler Insight from New York-based Condé Nast Traveler, one of the all-time great travel publications.

@worldreviewer Ideas and information from James Dunford Wood of award-winning travel site worldreviewer.com

@worldhum The editors of World Hum, an award-winning website that publishes engaging and insightful travel stories.

@WineTravel Information about wine and wine regions from Wink Lorch, the creator, editor and owner of Wine Travel Guides.

@EPtravel Advice and guides from a UK-based travel company that specialises in serving gay and lesbian travellers.

Be sure to follow @Hg2 for intelligent, irreverent and inspired travel advice.

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