Green light for Robin Hood Airport rail plans

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Plans for a railway link to Robin Hood Airway have been approved by Doncaster Council, The Star reports.

Transport officials envisage the new station being added to the Doncaster to Lincoln line. Pending discussions with Network, work on the connection could begin as soon as 2012.

Original plans for a single-platform station have now been replaced with a double-platform scheme due to concerns over signalling costs.

Peter Nears of the Peel Airports Group, which includes Robin Hood Airport, told The Star: “The process that we’re going through is expensive and slow and I think it will be two years to get through the current design exercise with Network Rail.”

He continued: “After that I think there will be another two years to get through the further elements of the process,” adding that Doncaster Council’s support would be invaluable in the process.

Along with regional development authority Yorkshire Forward, the council recently re-affirmed its commitment to developing facilities at Robin Airport over the coming years.

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