Heathrow braced for 24-hour action on Sunday

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The climate protestors camped at Heathrow are planning to block roads and entrances at the airport on Sunday and Monday.

Although Heathrow operator BAA stresses that all is operating normally, advising passengers to continue journeys “as planned” this week, the activists are reportedly planning to split into groups of 150 in a bid to disrupt operations going into next week.

A report in The Daily Telegraph claims they plan to stage an overnight siege in order to prevent airport staff from entering work on Monday.

It is unclear whether or not this will affect passengers – the protestors’ primary targets appear to be the headquarters of BAA and the cargo entrance to Terminals Four and Five.

It may also be the case that these plans have been drawn up in order to deliberately wrong-foot police, the newspaper notes.

In any case, travellers are advised to check with the airport and their airlines before travelling to Heathrow while the protest is running.

Yesterday police arrested climate change activists at Biggin Hill airfield in south-east London, as the protest spilled over from Heathrow to smaller airports specialising in business jet flights.

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