Hello Kitty! New app for visitors to Japan

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Our friends at www.seejapan.co.uk told us about a new app for tourists that launched earlier this month

There’s a new app for visitors to Japan that highlights great places to visit in all 47 of its prefectures and enables users to take a picture at each location with uber-cute Hello Kitty!

It’s free from iTunes and includes a collection of locally-themed Hello Kittys. We have a few of them below:

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty in Autumn

Hello Kitty in Hiroshima

Users can also store memories of their travels around Japan. Collect enough of the different Hello Kittys and there’s a special smartphone wall paper to pick up.

Hello Kitty

(Thanks to www.seejapan.co.uk for the great images.)

(Featured image by Arthur John Picton)

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