Hideaways for Samantha Brick?

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Here’s our rundown of the remote hideaway destinations Brick should be seeking out.

Samantha Brick has touched a nerve today. Wait, make that a million nerves. The internet has gone into overdrive in response to her most recent Daily Mail column (and her appearance on This Morning).

From Twitter to the broadsheets, and the tabloids in between, few haven’t been compelled to pass comment on the declarations of this, up to 2012, relatively unknown woman.

If you don’t know who Samantha Brick is (where’ve you been?), here’s the low-down. A successful 42-year-old woman who has made a career in the tough world of broadcasting penned a column for a major UK newspaper about the double-edged sword of living with good looks last year.

Throughout her adult life men have spontaneously bestowed gestures of goodwill on her – bottles of champagne, flower bouquets and train tickets – prompted solely by the way she looks.

But, of course, for Ms Brick having such luck with men has come at a price – namely resentment from female cohorts and co-workers, a resentment that’s ultimately led to the loss of friendships and formed barriers to her career progression.

Given the voluminous and vitriolic response to her latest column – Joan Collins is right. Any woman who wants to stay beautiful (like me!) needs to diet every day of her life – Ms Brick might be looking for an escape.

An escape to a place detached from the rest of the world. A place without the internet – where she’s neither in earshot of the Twitterstorm she’s created. Again.

Here’s our rundown of the remote hideaway destinations Samantha Brick might be seeking out.

Voyage of discovery … Find yourself on Pitcairn Island, Pacific Ocean

Pitcairn Island

Famous for being made the home of HMS Bounty’s mutinous crew almost three centuries ago, the island is today inhabited by less than 50 people. The 10-day boat ride from New Zealand required to reach the island alone provides ample time for those in need of reflection.

Poly-amnesia … Forget your troubles on Easter Island, Pacific Ocean

Easter Island

Considered to be the most remote inhabited island in the world, Easter Island promises round the clock respite from an enraged Twitterati. The tragic story of the island’s 887 extant monumental statues would likely prompt existential thought in even the most staunchly opinionated.

Don’t deceive yourself … Face the facts on Deception Island, Antarctica

Deception Island

Today a remote tourist spot and scientific outpost, this island off the Antarctic Peninsula was once a whaling station. Famous for its geothermal pools, whales and penguins, Deception Island makes the ideal destination for those in need of a reinvigorating reconnection with the natural world.

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