High winds cause flight disruption

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High winds in the UK and Europe are causing disruption to flights today (Thursday, January 18) and passengers are being advised to contact their airline before leaving for the airport.

British Airways has issued the following warning: “Due to high winds in the Heathrow area and a reduction in the air traffic flow rates into/out of the airport, some flights may be disrupted/delayed today.”

It advises passengers to check the real time flight information that is available on BA’s website.

The airline has also made available a document detailing the options open to those affected by flight disruption, which can be viewed online. It provides information about re-booking and requesting refunds.

German airline Lufthansa also said that it expected numerous short-haul flight cancellations and delays today, although it did not specify which flight numbers would be affected. Lufthansa flies from airports including London Heathrow, London City Airport, Birmingham and Manchester.

The statements came as winds of up to 70 miles per hour and heavy rain were reported across Britain, prompting the Met Office to issue a severe weather warning.

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