How to enjoy Las Vegas like a high-roller (if you’re a low-roller)

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Upgrading your experience is as simple as knowing these rules

Okay, so we admit it. If there’s a quick way to live the high-roller lifestyle in Vegas with less than $100 in your pocket, we don’t know it. If we did, we’d already have flown to Sin City on a private jet to live in the lap of luxury in one of MGM Grand’s outrageously opulent Skylofts. We’d have dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s legendary Spago every night and get front row seats to Cirque de Soleil’s “O” at the Bellagio.

Alas, the world of “the whale” – aka, those infamous millionaire and billionaire gamers who bet big – is but a dream for most of us. Short of somehow charming a way into these powerful jetsetters’ inner circle, “whale-hunting” is beyond our remit.

But wait. Is there still a way to enjoy the perks usually reserved for high-rollers? We think so. In fact, upgrading your Las Vegas experience is as simple as knowing the rules and how to work them for your own benefit. Here’s our guide to a high-roller lifestyle on a low-roller budget.

Plan ahead

Loyalty programmes from airlines and supermarkets offer countless benefits to members. Casinos send similar newsletters to their “members” that often contain great discounts on hotel rooms. This is a good way to get ahead before you’ve stepped foot in town.

Dress to impress

The right image can take you places – and garner offers. Casino hosts are always on the lookout for serious players who grab their attention in the right way. Dressing well will make you stand out from the shorts and T-shirt set who recklessly trade hard earned cash for bright lights and liberal drink laws.

Lay down a marker

Nothing will gain the attention of a casino manager more than a big marker. Make the casino think you’re planning to gamble away a small fortune by buying a large number of chips. If you’re planning to stake $500, consider taking out $5,000. Who knows – perhaps you’ll be offered a free meal, free show tickets or even a free room.

Occupy the inner circle

Free drinks are the universal casino comp and represent the best way to work the system. Avoid the slots and spend your time in the casino’s inner circle at tables or in poker rooms where servers do the rounds. A generous first tip (say, $20) will get you in their good graces, ensuring repeat good service (make sure you tip a dollar for each). Having a stack of chips in front of you won’t hurt either.

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