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Finding flights to upcoming events all over the world just got easier, thanks to Cheapflights’ new search technology.

As part of our mission to make flight search super easy, convenient and fast, we’ve launched Drag, Drop and Go. This image-based flight search makes searching for flights to the next major sports, music and arts events as easy as dragging and dropping an image.

Say you live in London and you’re reading an article about your favourite local football team playing a Champions League match in Spain. Simply drag the article image onto the Cheapflights banner and it will instantly find you the best tickets, at the best price, for the next upcoming live match.

The tech behind it:

The banner lets you find flights to all kinds of events, from music gigs and theatre performances to sports matches and family attractions. We’ve worked with APIs from sites like Ticketmaster and Google to bring image search to life.

For the techies out there, the core APIs behind the banner are: ticket platform APIs, location APIs, and Cheapflights’ flight search API. The user drags and drops an image onto the Cheapflights banner, which reads what the image is of, the APIs then work together to establish if the photo shows a singer, actor or sports star. This information is then fed to ticket sale services, such as Ticketmaster, to find out when and where the person of interest’s next public event is.

Look out for the ‘Drag, Drop and Go’ banner on sports, music and culture sections of major UK and global news websites such as the Guardian throughout December.

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